Is it my expired sensor?

Hi everyone,

I inserted a new sensor 3 days ago and the first day or two the readings were pretty good, about 8-10 points lower than my meter. However, since yesterday they have been really off, 40+ points lower than my meter today, showing me 67 when meter said 110! I’m not sure what might be causing this as nothing else seems to have changed from the first couple of days. I’m wondering if it’s because the sensor expired on June 30th? I’m not entirely sure what it means for the sensor to expire. Like the chemicals in the microfluidic channels expired and can no longer measure correctly? Any ideas of what might be causing this? Should I take it off?

Thanks for any suggestions.

What brand sensor are you using?

Who manufactures your sensor and what model is it?

Oops sorry. Forgot to mention I’m using the Freestyle Libre sensor, 14 day version.

Typically sensors will be ok past the expiration date, but often depends on whether they were stored in dry place, within temperature range/humidity listed on label.
You could wait it out, and it may improve. Staying hydrated may help.

The sensor was stored in a cool/dry place. Its 3 weeks past its expiration date so I was hoping it would still be ok. I’ll try to drink more water and see if that helps. Thank you!

Also some medications can interfere with the readings. My husband used my old ones that were expired and they worked fine. I think they were about 2 or 3 months expired?

Take it off and replace it.