Is it something I AM or something I HAVE?

It’s Monday…blog day. What to write? What to write? How come I always write the best blogs on the days when I never think about them prior to writing, but the days when I think and think and think about it are the ones when I feel the most writers block? Strange, isn’t it? Well, I’ve been thinking all weekend long about what I’ll write about this week but nothing is inspiring me. I had plenty of great moments this weekend, but I’ve been racking my brain to find some link to diabetes. Anything? Nope, nothing… Nothing that will enlighten anyone, anyway.

But I guess that could be a blessing, right? To be reminded that I can live a normal life and not be bugged by my diabetes 24/7 is an empowering thought. I mean, of course I’m aware that I’m a diabetic all the time, but it doesn’t define my every move, my every experience, or every relationship. Those things don’t always revolve around my diabetes. Sometimes it’s right there in the middle of my life, whether I invite it in or it’s just being a pest. And sometimes it’s quietly on the side, being polite, patient, controlled and disciplined until I can give it some attention later.

The good news is that I can choose how I define myself and what I put in my basket. Some days, my mind and body might be out of whack and the part of me that is my diabetes will one up me, but it is still my choice how I let it define me. If someone or something in life hands you something that could define you, it’s your choice whether you accept it and put it in to your basket, or whether you say, “no thanks, I don’t want it.” So maybe my lack of connection to diabetes will actually enlighten someone after all.


After 35 years it’s just an “is” - I can’t ignore it, but I don’t let it define who I am. That being said, it has helped me be more symapethic and understanding of others with people with medical conditions. Though I am sometimes pretty blunt about telling people to take charge of their lives and pointing out there are things they can control and need to take responsibilty for. One good thing about this site are the role models - true stories of success and failures. You never get a away with the comment you don’t what it’s like to be a diabetic!