Is the Herpes Virus related to Type 1 Diabetes?

Interesting to know! I find out more about Type 1, the more I read. I actually learned how to control my blood sugar, and take care of myself through my own research. Doctor’s weren’t a ton of help. I’ll have to look more into this though and read more on different histories!

I have come to believe (and it’s just my hypothesis) that I got type one from Coxsackies. I was dx at 18 and had the virus when I was about 4. But I was suffering from depression and bulimia when I was a teenager. I think the physical emotional stress was so great it triggered the breakdown … basically body meltdown!
I used to think about how “this” happened but I tend to not think about it anymore. Now it’s more about here and now that up my time.

I kind of wish doctors would explain or even understand this when we are diagnosed T1D. I wish I had been given some explanation of what might have brought it on. It wasn’t until after that I researched, and knew that my stressful events and possibly immune fight against previous viruses, was the reason or, part of. I don’t often think of how it happened, now, but at the time it’s so scary, it would be nice to be given some info at least, even if the reasoning isn’t clear as it most of the time isn’t.

I’ve spoken to several endocrinologists here in the USA and they “poo poo’d” the research. Conversely, my endocrinologist friend in Australia was delighted to receive my massive amount of research documentation. He’s a contributor for the World Health Organization and got them to help fund some of the research.

I’m not throwing shade at all American endocrinologists, just the ones I spoke with. FWIW, I don’t go to an endo here in the USA as I don’t find any value in them.

I don’t see an endo either. I’m in the U.S., and where I am just doesn’t have many at all available. My first that I saw right after diagnosis was amazing. He was kind, but educated and helpful. Then after a month or so, he left the area. I haven’t been able to find one since. I saw a couple after him that were just nightmares. I have found that so far I haven’t had major issues, my normal PCP listens to me and helps guide me when I need it, etc. If I was in a more populated area with more options I might see one, but as of right now my options are pretty limited to one or none. :slight_frown:

First I’ve heard of EBV being involved but I have had a couple run ins with it starting soon after being DX’d T1 once in early 80’s and once in late 80’s (knocked me out of high school for a month and had to drop a semester of college from it) they were not real familiar with what it was only that it was something like mono but not mono. I have always been wary of another episode and thus refuse to overextend myself and relax a lot more than when I was young.

T1 has been around a long time, so this might not necessarily be the root cause of what kicked yours off. It does fit my profile though, given absolutely no history in the family prior to me.