Is The Honeymoon Over?

For the past couple of days my BG's have been elevated. They haven't gone into hyperglycemic levels by any stretch...
But I see a trend nevertheless.
A few weeks ago I was accustomed to waking up in 80's and low to mid 90's.
Today I woke up at 95 and the previous four days have been in the low hundreds (under 110). I have not been doing much different; but every since I discovered that I had GAD antibodies I've been keeping close and constant vigil on my BG'S.
The night before last I went to bed at 126. I think that was due to having a little too much carb...but it was two hours after I'd eaten.
And last Thursday after lunch I spiked to 154.
Granted, everything still is in good territory...but it is not as good as I normally like it.
I am still seeking better doctors because all the doctors I've seen thus far are...for lack of a better term...stupid about LADA diabetics.
I would prefer to be on insulin instead of Metformin. I hate Metformin.
How can I find someone who will put me on an insulin regimen?

Find a doctor and tell them you are Type 1. That will do it.

I am going to do that. I hate my current doctors.

Yep, find a new doctor & preferably an endo. Non-specialists are usually not well versed about insulin to feel comfortable prescribing it & they wait until BG is raging high. They're used to having T2 patients since T2's are the majority. Metformin isn't going to help a T1 unless the person is also insulin resistant.