ISF/Carb Ratio and Basal rates?

I started on the pump Monday! So far it is just a lot of adjusting. I was running 300-500 all the time so I feel low a lot of the time even when I am not and I get nervous. Currently I am set at:

ISF (correction for highs) 1 unit : 75 blood glucose points

Carbs covered insulin : 25 carbss : 1 unit insulin

Basal rate: .5 units per hour.

Current glucose is 92 but I had to correct a 288 earlier.

So I guess I just kind of wanted to see what others were doing on theirs pumps. Also how long did it take you to adjust your pump settings ? Thanks!

My current settings are:

ISF 1unit for 90 blood glucose points
Carbs covered by 1 unit insulin: 20 at breakfast & 18 other meals
Basal Rates max .6 minimum .3 for a daily total of 10.7

I am small 5ft & 100 pounds. & I’ve had T! for 49 yrs

I think it took about 2 months to get a decent basal profile & sort out the other factors. I started adjusting basals in the 1st week under the guidance of my Animas trainer

Good luck. Like you I was up in the 300s for at least a week & I felt awful. Just hang in there

Pump setting, hmmm it toke me a while, but even though it keeps changing by me and my educator! (Speaking about the Basal Rate)
I use Apidra insulin
ISF 1unit :20 bgp
Carbs 1 unit : 5 grm
Basal rate changes between 1.8u/h to 2.2u/h

I am 6ft 7in, over weight 289lb :confused:

Had T1 for 28 years.

Also don’t forget that each person is different in Daily life, exercise, diet,…etc

Hope this helps, hold on you will be fine

In ten years of pumping, I can’t count how often my basals/ratios have changed. At least every 3 months for the last decade. Don’t be surprised if your needs change now and then and you need to re-evaluate. Insulin dosing needs can be volatile. I have five or six basals throughout my day, too.

Yeah - I’m the same as you Melissa, my basal/ratio have been tweaked a few times over the short period I’ve been pumping (I’m still a newbie at 2 years LOL and 40 years of MDI (multiple doseage injections) ). I would post what my settings currently are, but because I’m in Canada, they won’t make sense to those of you in the USA. Usually I post in both, but I’m feeling lazy tonight :wink:
BTW, welcome to the world of pumping Rose! I know I am loving my experience so far along with my little green machine I call Salvador Dali (his moustache irritates me from time to time LOL ).

Congrats on getting the pump Rose!

I started my pump about 2 years ago… I know what you mean about feeling low when your blood sugar is actually fine- it happened to me too. That will change soon and you’ll start feeling pretty darn good.

I’m still adjusting my pump settings. I think your metabolism changes month to month depending on what’s happening in your life, what the season/weather is, etc. But I got my pump under control within about 2 weeks. It isn’t much different from using the syringes.

Right now, I do 1 unit for 4 carbs in the morning and 1 unit for 5 carbs any other time.
ISF is 1unit for 60 bgp

I am amazed by some of the hefty glucose/insulin ratios! You peeps are lucky to be so insulin sensitive!

My basal rates change when I have other changes in my life like weight gain or loss, more or less exercise, premenses every month I need a little more one or two days before. I have a lot of basal rates. No wonder injections did not work for me.

ISF (correction for high sugars) 10PM- 5AM 1 unit : 90 blood glucose points
5AM- 10PM 1 unit : 70 glucose points
Insulin to Carb Ratio 10PM- 11AM 1 unit : 20 carbs
11AM- 10PM 1 unit : 19 carbs
Basal rates:12 AM-1AM: .4 units per hour
1AM-4AM: .6 units per hour
4AM-6AM: .4 units per hour
6AM-11AM: .5 units per hour
11AM-6PM: .6 units per hour
6PM-10PM: .4units per hour
10PM-12AM: .45 units per hour
Glucose before I treated low this morning was 62. I do a lot of early morning and midnight checks. I really worked on rebalancing my basal rates during the time I sleep recently. The reminder alarms on my Animas Pimg helped wake me up for this. It has helped lower my A1C because before I had too much basal and had to correct a lot of lows which would create a high later. Revisiting the book “Pumping Insulin” has helped me a lot. I weigh 113. I had to rebalance because I gained 10 punds since August (I wanted to gain this). I am 5’5". Everyone else’s basal rates look a lot sompler than mine but you have to figure out what works best for you. Type 1 for 33 years. I use humulog BTW.