Im curious with my ISF im running higher sugars so to try to fix that should i lower ir or make it higher?

my animas trainer said for me to tweak it but im not sure whether to go above 50 or below 50


1st you must understand how ISF works.
Your pump takes your current blood sugar and subtracts the target blood sugar. then it takes the remainder and divides it by your ISF (Insulin Sensitivity Factor) and then it subtracts the IOB (Insulin On Board) ro give you the suggested dose.
The higher the ISF number, the smaller your dose will be. The smaller your ISF number, the bigger yor dose will be.

For example: if your current BG is 200 and your target is 120: 200 -120 equals 80. If your ISF is 50 then : 80 divided by 50 will get you your dose.

ah so then i need to lower it

very good info thanks! i just reviewed this with my nurse too and Andrew keep in mind you may need to change the ISF for certain times during the day. part of the day mine is 50 at night through the morning it is 70. my nurse told me that people in general are more insulin sensitive at night so she wasnt suprised to have to raise my number.