ISIG and clearing a some kind of alert

My MM cgm was first inserted Thursday 4/21/11. According to the help files in Carelink, the ISIG is supposed to be between 24 and 29. I’ve been right at 29 a few times, and most of today (4/22), it has been at 18 and 17. (I had not read that part of the help info, until after speaking with tech support.) I have been getting all the graphs, etc. on the monitor.

I’ve been on the phone with tech support tonight (4/22), and while the Guardian uploaded, it is not showing any data, other than that it uploaded. I’m to call back on Monday for further specialized help. After we got off the phone, it seems that there may have been one Bg meter result that was an alert. However, I don’t know if I actually hit the esc act buttons. Could this be a problem? If so, any way to correct it, to see if all the Guardian info will then show up? I do know now, that I probably shouldn’t have uploaded the FreeStyle Lite meter before I had uploaded the Guardian, although tech support didn’t seem to think that, that was an issue.

Any ideas or am I out of luck till Monday?

Thanks and appreciated.


My ISIG varies all over the place. It’s usually in the 20’s with a new sensor, and then gradually drops until after 6 days, it may be 5 or 6. I interpret falling ISIGs to mean that the sensor is not working as well, and that is borne out by the fact that for me, accuracy drops as the sensor gets older.

I don’t really understand what your problem with the Carelink is – once I’ve uploaded, then I have to go to the reports page to get any data. There are tabs at the top of the page. I also don’t know about the meter, because I put all my meter readings into the pump. It’s possible to enter a meter reading without calibrating – it asks you if you want to.

I hope your chat on Monday with tech support helps clear up your problems!

I agree with Natalie in that my ISIG varies all over the place. It’s usually in the 20’s with a new sensor, and then gradually drops until after 6 days, it may be 5 or 6. The ISIG number parallels my BG values reasonably close as a trend but each sensor has a different range of values.

II see long flat lines that my CGM sensor is losing life expectancy at 6-9 days.

I upload my pump data not my meter data so I always see data ion the reports section once uploaded.

Natalie, and wallskev,

Right before I went to bed last nite (this morning?), the ISIG was just dashes - but the monitor also showed the weak signal icon. Soon as it was back in range, the ISIG was right there, in the high teens. As long as it varies for everyone, then I will assume that it is inherent to the sensor and / or monitor.

I think the actual issue with the Carelink, is that I uploaded the stand alone meter - before I uploaded the Guardian. It didn’t occur to me not to upload the meter, because I do enter those readings on the Capture Events. That screwup probably didn’t help any. As far as calibrations go, those are under a different screen from enter Bg screen.

Another issue, that onesaint mentioned to me (in Flatlanders), is that possibly the table in my account, is corrupted. I had also wondered if that could be the case.

Before shutting down the pc last nite, I uninstalled the Java stuff, cleaned out everything plus rebooted. The I reinstalled it, and let it update this morning, so I’ll see if that has helped any. Otherwise, it will be a long morning on Monday, with the specialized tech support team.

I only use the cgm, don’t want a pump.



ISIG will rise and fall with your BG. I don’t remember seeing this ISIG guidelines on Carelink, but it could be new. We always had a much higher variation in ISIG than 24-29.

I believe there is a setting in Carelink where you can prevent it from double recording this data. I’m not sure it will work for the Guardian, I think I used it for our pump, but take a look and see.