Hi, I just found this site today. Very nice.

I’m type 1 kinda sorta I’m not really sure anymore. Let me esplain…

I was dx’d type 1 at age 9, did the whole Nph/R regimine for years, switched to Lantus and R, Lantus and Humalog and eventually went on a pump using Novolog. A few years ago I started researching Islet transplantation and the Edmonton Protocol and decided I wanted more information on clinical trial for islet transplants. I found a website that listed centers doing transplants and registered there.

About six months later I got an email from one of the centers saying they were screening for study participants and was I still interested? Yep I was, a bunch of tests, bloodwork, paperwork and ayear later I was waiting for the call for my transplant. I got that call May 13, 2006, was transplanted on the 14th and I’ve been off insulin since July 14. 2006. So far so good, there were rough patches. I had some complications and a whole lot of puking from one of the medications but over all so far so good! Would I do it again? You betcha! I feel great.

My blood sugars aren’t perfect. I still watch what I eat because too many carbs and I spike, but eventually it comes back down on its own. Soo. I’ve gone from type 1 on a pump to type 1 kinda sorta not really sure where I fit in the scheme of things but its all good. :wink:

Anyone interested in islet transplants can check out The Chicago Project and The University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago’s islet transplant program . I’m happy to answer questions too, either here or through email.

I’m looking forward to getting to know the site better.


Oh gosh! are you stalking me again???


Welcome! I’m VERY interested in islet transplantation. I’d love to know more! I’ll check out the sites. I’m glad you’re doing well!