It Was Only A Wish!

It Was Only a Wish!

Granted without warning,
Served on a dish,
It’s not what I wanted
It was only a wish.

To sleep without anger,
To sleep without pride,
To sleep without fear,
To sleep like I’ve died.

To wake in a week
A month or a year,
To open my eyes
To see your still here.

I will fall asleep,
I may never awake,
I can’t fall asleep,
This wish I can’t take.

Forbidding the slumber
Night after night,
The darkness surrounds me,
I wait for the light.

I asked for this wish
And still I complain,
I asked for this wish
Was I insane?

A moment defined
Was wish number two,
Another one granted
I asked, but who knew?

Defined by pleasure
Not pain was my thought,
This wish now consumes me,
I’m exhausted, distraught.

Last, but not least
Is wish number three,
And what did I wish for?
I can’t remember, we’ll see.

Now back in your lamp,
You bastard for this,
Take it all back
It was only a wish.