Itchy adhesive

I recently started using the Minimed CGMS and have found that the adhesive makes my skin very, very itchy - but only on parts of my body. My abdomen seems to be the best place to put the sensor (and the only area that I can get a non-painful insertion), but after about 1-2 days, the itchiness under the adhesive is almost too much to bear. Does anyone know of a product to use that will calm down the irritation so I can continue to use my abdomen?

FYI - the QuickSet adhesive also tends to irritate me, but not until about 2 days, 12 hours so I usually just put up with it until I do a site change.

The adhesive on the sensors also cause me to itch. My pump trainer suggested I put on a iv 3000 and then insert the sensor through that. It has helped quite a bit. I also use a 1:1 ratio of hydrocortisone and eucrin cream on my stomach after I remove anything with adhesive on it