It's here!

First off, I have to say that I was very fortunate to have a 100% positive experience with Edgepark - I simply have nothing bad to say about them at this point. I have my new Dexcom G5 setup and a sensor already warming up!


Awesome! Enjoy your new sensor system. I am so happy that I decided to get this after having such a horrible experience with Medtronic sensors. I figured interstitial fluid just was not a good method of capturing ones glucose levels but now I know that it’s just a matter of the specific technology of the two different companies that makes all the difference in accuracy

@Devildog Hope you enjoy your new Dexcom! Woohoo! Best day ever!!

Christmas in March! :gift:


Yeah! Knowledge is power. I really do feel CGM technology is the best thing since blood testing meters! My management has never been better! Have fun and let us all know how it goes!


This is pretty wild - I just ate for the 1st time after calibration was done and I get to see the numbers climb in real time. Will be nice to see how the bolus is working and adjust to fine tune.


and don’t think it’s not accurate if there is a 10-20 minute delay during bg excursions, DD.

FYI, for many G5 users, the first day is the least reliable. I’m not one of them, but I have seen it sometimes climb during the first 1/2 a day or so. You might want to check more often on day 1, and just being new to it on all days until you can trust it more. If you see any arrows other than straight across, refrain from calibration even if it says it’s time to calibrate. It won’t stop providing you with glucose readings if you delay a calibration (other than the first 2 back-to-back cals) by even more than a day.

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Oh yeah - for sure. I did a lot of research before I got it. Been watching it with my meter, and so far it is within 30 points or so on average. Thanks for the tips!

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Before long it will be accurate like you won’t believe. I just checked my blood sugar before lunch and it read 98 on my meter. What does my sensor say? 98. LOL. That’s why I don’t check on a meter much anymore and I used test on average 15 to 17 times per day for many years and sometimes much more


Wow! That was pretty awesome!

When I started with the Dexcom G5 CGM last year I noticed 2 distinct patterns that we had missed in all the years previously. I already have 5 different basal rates programmed into my pump but the patterns showed I needed to remove one, add a different one and change the timing for a third. The ability to fine tune like this is awesome! My first A1c after starting the G5 last year was down to 6. 9 from 7.4. I know my next A1c will be lower than that when I get it done again the end of this month. Once I got used to the 15 to 20 minute lag delay in changes between my blood glucose and the interstitial readings, I became less concerned about the differences because it almost always worked out very close if not actually on when blood glucose were straight-lines. I don’t rely on the CGM for insulin dosing though - I always use my meter because of the delay. Biggest advice - always wash your hands thoroughly before you calibrate - I couldn’t believe the difference it made even from using alcohol wipes. So, have fun and enjoy!

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Congrats, your life is about to change for the MUCH better! The results were so awesome for me, my wife went to work for Dexcom in physician relations.

Please update us as you experience the amazing control you now can have with the tremendous knowledge the G5 provides.


One final point. Check out the accuracy of glucometers for calibrating. I work in IT for a very tech savvy healthcare provider, they only approve one for employees.

After 10 months, my G5 is more accurate than virtually all of the other top 10 meters when calibrated with this most accurate meter.

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I must say I am very disappointed in dealing with Edgepark to get my Pump supplies. I was told by my pump trainer to call the supplier when I open my last box of mio’s. I called Edgepark when I had 7 mio’s left [which is enough for 14 days]. After over 2 weeks and 7 times on the phone with them I am suppose to get them today. The problem ‘they said’ was verification of my last visit with my doctor and his clinical notes. I called him and he had sent them [twice] but for some reason Edgepark did not have them. I am at the point where I may change suppliers or/pumps. There is no reason that a person has to ‘fight’ to get their much needed supplies.

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OK, so 1 full week down, and all I can say is WOW. By the 3rd day I was seeing trends that were really not good to see. The Dexcom is almost dead on accurate, and I had no issues with it all week minus some blood at the insertion site. I will be working with my CDE this week to make some modifications to my pump settings and try to get back on track. The most surprising thing I saw was in the morning. Even fasting after I wake up I was jumping 40 - 50 points high, even with my basil program going from night @ .5 to day at 6 am to 2.0 units.

I’ll report back next week after getting dialed in - so far I am a HUGE fan of my Dexcom!


OK, so week 1 - got settled in, made some changes to my pump… all in all looking good.

Week 2 - Week 2.5 - Morning highs - Gone! Hypo nights - Gone! Average BG is now at 121 for the last 7 days. That will average out to an A1C of around 5.8 versus my last one of 7.2 I have learned a LOT about bolusing for low carb, high fat/protein as well - and that was a huge surprise to me. With the help of my CDE, I think I am well on my way to control again. Luckily for me she is in the Omnipod as well, and was able to tell me exactly where I had it just totally wrong, and why. Will check back in a month or so!


I could have written the same things. :slight_smile: Glad you are having great success with your Dexcom!

A Unicorn! At least that’s what they call it on the 670G Facebook group. People take a pic of the meter and CGM reading with their cell phone and post it to the Unicorn thread. Hey, we could start one of those here! Or maybe not… Kinda silly really, given that neither device is 100% accurate.

Still, fun. Like getting a kojak!


Never heard that expression before, but it’s exactly what happened to me today !!!

A great slang term whose referent is lost in the abysm of time, alas. But I’ve always cherished it.