IV3000 over Dexcom transmitter

Has anyone ever put a sheet of IV3000 OVER the entire transmitter/sensor pod and adhesive? When I cut the IV3000 to go just over the white adhesive fabric, it never works out that well. Water gets into the fabric and it pulls out from under the tape. I've found the same is true with medical tape.

I was thinking that if I could just cover the entire thing with a piece of IV3000, it would work better. Anyone know if that would hurt the transmitter at all? I could put something over the transmitter to keep it from getting gunky from the tape, I suppose.

Any thoughts?

I use flexfix(similar to IV3000, but less expensive) I cover the whole sensor with it and it keeps my clothes from catching on the sensor and tearing it out. It comes of the transmitter fairly easily and any adhesive left behind cleans off with a little alcohol. I also use Skin-Tac on the white sensor adhesive to reinforce the sensor tape, this makes the bond last for weeks, and can be reapplied over itself at anytime:).

I use the flexifix just around the edges I haven't put it over the transmitter though. But so far I have not had the edges pull up at all. The white adhesive fabric has stayed put and so far the sensor has been on for 13 days. But as in everything D, YDMV

Wait - you apply Skin-Tac over the tape while you are wearing it? And that helps it last longer? We use it under the tape on the first application but I never considered reapplying it. ..

I use and put the IV3000 OVER the entire transmitter, I use 2 of them to fully cover it from water when the adhesive start to peal. I never experience any problem in using them, you should be fine!

Reapply to your hearts content:)

I have put up to 6 pieces of tegaderm, plus multiple layers of vetrap when swimming, over our transmitter with no issue. My husband who works in wireless technologies said no matter of tape or even cloth over it is going to affect transmission. (I mean, what, are you not supposed to even be clothed with it? - LOL.) Officially Dexcom says not to cover it with anything, but that's mularkey in our opinion.

Yes and officially Dexcom says the sensors only last 7 days too, but unofficially the trainer says she has had people wear them for on average 14 days, but some even longer. But what she did say is that during the "testing" phase they only wore it for 7 days, so that is what they recommend.

Did that one time when I had my Navigator but it was a mess when I took it off. Left lots of sticky gooo on the transmitter. Have you tried Skin Tac before? I've used this with my Navi, the Seven Plus and now the G4 with great success. You can get it from Amazon for around $15 and it lasts a lifetime. Comes in both wipes and a bottle. I use the bottle, which has an applicator inside. Just wipe a little on dry clean skin, wait about 30 seconds for it to dry and get tacky, then apply your sensor. I've had this last well into a third week even with heavy Tae Kwon Do exercise (like 3-4 times a week 1-2 hours each time). Works great - good luck!

I use Tegaderm to cover my sensor. Sometimes I cut out the hole so the sensor is not covered, sometimes I don't and just cover the whole shebang. Both approaches have worked fine for me for years although I suspect it might be a tough fit trying to completely cover the new G4 sensor that is considerably bigger than the "seven" sensors.

You should be fine, I had the Freestyle Navigator for about 2 years, and I always put an entire sheet of IV3000 over the whole sensor/transmitter. The residue actually comes right off the transmitter pretty easily.

I agree with everyone who recommends Skin Tac, I have been using it for years and it is still my favorite. Mastisol worked well too but one day gave me a horrible painful rash so that was the end of that.

Good luck

Yes! Sorry for the late reply- it’s now March 2017, but I’m new to this site. I’ve used 2 small sheets of IV3000 over my Dexcom for as long as I’ve had it. I just clean the transmitter with an alcohol swab when I change sites. The alcohol gets the gunk off after several swipes (and a little elbow grease). I usually only get 2 weeks tops out of my sensors though (usually, it’s closer to 1 week). I’ve often wondered if me pushing the thing into my body and then covering it with the IV3000 affects its duration. I’m private about my diabetes and am also a tad vain, so I want it as flush with my body as I can get it.