I've Had Dizziness For Two Years

Kelly,there was no testing for autonomic neuropathy. What is happening, my age and the fact it is very common among long term diabetics was enough to convince my neurologist.

I'm sorry tp hear about your asthma. I do not have any shortness of breath while awake. I have trouble sleeping and lie awake at least tw hours every night, starting about 4 AM. I an wondering if I have sleep APNEA. It is rather common among diabetics. I have several online diabetic friends who use a CPAP machine, and it works well for them.

Wow that is really worrisome. My BP is at least 15 points higher at the doctors from aggravation of being there. My friend Dr. cox said to remain seated and relaxed for about 15 minutes before taking a reading if this is so then readings at my doctors are impossible. . did you bring your BP meter to the doctors for comparison ? Might be time to invest in a new one.

If you have continuing low BP I would not take more meds to lower it or at least take a blood thinner to prevent stroke. Bear in mind that some people can have very low BP like my friend Ernie they are super fit and for them it is fine. If you have fainting it is not fine for you.

Thanks Anthony, my BP machine usually reads 10-15 points higher than my doctor's machine. I should buy a new one.

I am hopefully seeing a new endo next week so hopefully, I can get some mysteries solved! They called the other day wanting to reschedule my appointment because it is on the 23rd and I could not get there the day they wanted me to come. They may or may not change it now.

I did the sleep study and they wanted me to come back for the 2nd part but I didn’t want to. I started having thyroid problems last year and I had read that thyroid can cause sleep apnea. Actually since I started the asthma meds, I am sleeping better. Before, the problems started last year, my sheets always stayed nice and tucked in. Then I really started tossing around and pulled sheets & blankets out from every side. Now I am back to things being tucked in again so I am guessing the asthma helped cause some sleep problems.

You should have your doctor schedule the test if you think you have it. I did not really sleep much there but they were still able to tell I had problems (or at least they said I did!).

I don’t think I could sleep with one of those CPAP machines!

A change in endos can be very helpful. I did that two years ago, and my new one is a much better doctor.

My friends had terrible problems adjusting to a CPAP machine, but all of them are glad they did. It is better than only 4 hours of sleep at night.

Emmy, thank you soooo much! This is very good information. You are a jewel!

Richard you can try some nose spray just to see if plugged nose is the problem. I have had nose surgery and it was bliss for 6 months then total disaster worst than before. I have lived for 45 years on nose spray. apnea at night not good. I am not sure if nose spray is that addictive. when I go the Vancouver it disappears immediately. I guess my nose is not made for desert dryness.

It is best to take the diuretic early in the morning to have the effect die down some by sleep time. I have found that no pills are a clear winner even insulin that is needed to keep me alive makes me obese.

I hope this one is good!

I have heard people say that they feel alot better after they start using them. I can't imagine sleeping with that though.

Emmy, my neurologist thinks the headaches may be a side effect of the B med, or the autonomic neuropathy. I will get tested for apnea if I get the dizziness under control as much as possible, and am still having them.

My mother experienced dizziness and perpetual headaches in 2000 and she was found to have a tumor growing inside her head beneath her brain. The dizziness and headaches grew worse for 5 years until she died. My doctor refuses to think I may have a tumor. I doubt that I do, I was grasping for straws. I don't think that her having a tumor is more likely to make me have one in the same place in my head.