i woke up dizzy this morning and it’s not going away. bg tested in the mid-130’s which is unfortunately fairly common. after my walk last night it was 87. anyway not out of my normal numbers so what’s causing the dizziness?
only metformin/diet/exercise no unusual or new meds.

thanks anyone who might know.

Dizziness may be attributed to a number of things… has it just happened now? or has it been occuring more than once? Did you get enough sleep? How is your blood pressure? (high blood and low blood pressure may cause dizziness). You are not, you say, hypoglycemic…are you taking enough liquids? (dehydration may also cause dizziness). Neuropathy may also cause dizziness. Being anemic may also cause dizziness… So many things may cause it.

thanks it’s just today. my bp has always been great at checkups but i have no way to test it here. i’m drinking extra water just in case but no help yet. thanks for the list of ideas though.

Just to add to Teena’s list. Stress, interrupted sleep, unexpected meal choices.

If you’re hyper, try a low-sugar biscuit - oatcake or Ryvita, followed by exercise and plenty of water. Works for me.

I didn’t notice clogged ear tubes in the list of reasons for dizziness. Balance gets chucked when those ear tubes are messed up. Any nasal-ear stuffiness? Cardiac problems? A doc can prescribe medication to reduce the ear problem and then you can clear it out, if that’s it. Cheers. I was actually hospitalized for that - then they did a battery of cardiac stress tests. It was only my ears.

thanks it was somewhat better by evening and gone the next day. still not sure what was up.
thanks all for the info and suggestions!

Also, dehydration or potassium or sodium defficiency could cause dizziness.

Mine is usually from inner ear pressure caused by allergies, or dehydration