Jaw surgery

I am meeting with a oral surgeon Thursday about the possibility of having jaw surgery to correct my bite. I am not totally sure if I really am going to have it done or not, but I was just wondering if there were any diabetics you know to have this done.

From my understanding I will have my mouth banded up for about 3 weeks and will be on a liquid diet for at least 6 weeks. I also takes me a bit longer to heal from anything too.

Just trying to weight in on my options for this. Any input would be great.

Hi Kim,
I have had oral surgery a couple of times within the past year and a half. It does take me longer to heal also, but it was worth the trouble. I found that i really like the Atkins shakes in the little boxes. The don’t have an awful lot of protein, but they worked for me. The dark chocolate was my favorite. They are low carb and won’t make your blood sugar bounce off the wall. They have 15 to 16 gms of protein so that will help with the healing, but won’t over load you. Of course there are a lot of different brands of drinks out there so you can pick and choose. But I was just delighted in finding the dark chocolate and still use the drinks often. I wish you well with your surgery and will keep you in my prayers.