JDRF Slide Presentation: Prevention of T1D

I recently attended a webinar presented by JDRF on current research into the prevention of type 1 diabetes. Attached is the slide deck they presented. Check it out!

528-JDRFWebinarFinal211020141.pptx (3.54 MB)

That is a great presentation! Thanks for posting it.
Did the talk get recorded somewhere?

Overall, a great presentation. JDRF is really making some progress. Since the majority of new onset Type 1 is seen in those > 20 years old, according to the latest info from the CDC, I would comment that they should be looking at prevalence and incidence in those older than 20, not just younger than 20. Why exclude the majority of Type 1s from the analysis? Finally, the risk of a person developing Type 1 if they have a father or mother with Type 1 is probably MUCH higher than 5% (father) or 3% (mother), since the statistics for Type 1 don't include the huge number of adult-onset Type 1s who are misdiagnosed as having Type 2.