Job Issues


Wow Tim, I’m glad you found a good one! I know for a while our endroceonology offices were overflowed and they couldn’t keep good endo in our area since they were in such high demand. It definately gives a different perspective on patient doctor care as I’ve found most of what I’ve researched and been successful with hasn’t been from an endo.


I don’t believe beacher said “my diabetes.” I have edited my post so that it no longer states it this way. This phrase doesn’t bother me, but I definitely did not use it to bother you. Sorry about that.


Thank you for that! Words are powerful and I’ll never claim it as “mine”. We have power in our words so I definately appreciate that. :two_hearts:


It’s funny - I do call it “my diabetes” and for exactly the same reasons: The phrase makes me feel empowered - that I have control of my health, rather than diabetes taking that control from me. “My diabetes” is mine to manage and, hopefully one day dispose of, when there is a cure.


What a wonderful perspective. It amazes me how much power words hold and how different one word or phrase can mean from one person to the next! My reasonings stem from Jesus taking those stripes so I know currently it’s not “mine” as He took it from me already. This is empowering in the same sense as I don’t have to even live with it at in all the spiritual realm. That’s beautiful to me.


Then in that case it sounds like you have access to an endo that has a lot more knowledge than any of mine have, I’ve never heard of this “basil fasting” until this post. Thanks for clarifying as I thought people were telling me to stop eating so dang much. Lol I will fight someone if they try to mess with my food schedule, how much or when I eat, especially if it causes a low to my routine.

#48 I love this link shared by mohe0001. I feel as if this could correlate to fast dating glucose basically not even hitting my system, but a carb with a protein working for me and staying with me to keep the low at bay. It’s good to keep in mind through these discussions that what works for one indiciduals care can be detrimental to another. Just something to think about.


My blood sugar generally takes longer to rise if I eat protein with the fast-acting glucose, but protein can help stabilize my sugar levels after those carbs have been digested. Perhaps bringing a string cheese or a similar protein snack to work might help when you need to correct for a low :slight_smile:


Does a 45 calorie string cheese with skim milk count? Haha low correction calories can add up super quick! That’s another reason I like incorporating carbs with meals to prevent a low because I don’t have to add the extra calories. Now if I have to eat I have to eat but it’s so much easier to incorporate protein with a meal instead of just throwing them into the calorie wasteland.


I don’t know how much protein you need- I hope that string cheese counts? I generally don’t have to have any for a low correction unless there’s a basal problem or I’m starting a new insulin or something is wonky (e.g. way more exercise than normal).

I guess it’s just a matter of figuring out a situation where you can correct for lows while still fulfilling all the requirements of your job. As long as it’s happening infrequently, then hopefully the added calories wouldn’t have a big impact?


I wish you the best on your next job adventure! Hopefully things work out better this time :grinning:


I’m on 12-1600 currently for weight loss but I work out excessively, now I u derstand some will argue with me on that but there’s no greater feeling then pushing myself to the max and beating the life out of my punching bag with every ounce in me so that’s not going to change. I’m sure those who train to the extent that I do might have more need for protein to keep a low up but that could just be a “me” experience. The real issue here is why a company wouldn’t accept a reasonable accommodation when it wouldnmost certainly never cause “undue hardship.” Research ADA terms and restrictions and you’ll be surprised at how remarkably far we’ve come as a society. I know my rights and I know that if I request an accommodation then a have a team that will back me if it follows the guidelines.


Well, I suppose that you’ve gotten the answers you wanted then.


Not necessarily as of yet, just general knowledge.


Well, hopefully you have learned that just saying your employer caused you to suffer because you had to cover another person during your normal lunch time is not sufficient if you can’t show your blood glucose numbers were in fact low during the time and your employer did not allow you to A) test at your work station, and B) eat some fast acting glucose to resolve a low if you tested and were low. General knowledge can be dangerous if it is not applied properly. Did you in fact test and find you were low when you had to cover the cover lunch for the receptionist right at 12:00? This would give you cause to ask for reasonable accommodations. Did this happen? This is the part missing in all of your posts, What Was Your BG, and did you have something to counter if you were low. Your employer isn’t required to keep glucose tabs at the reception desk, you should have them on your person.

Often folks want to blame her employer when she is the one who did not act reasonably. I hope you find resolve at this place where you were let go, so that you can move on and the company might learn something as well.


Yes to all of your general questions to me, I also certainly hope you’re in a better place tonight as well as I don’t feel like bantering. If not though keep throwing the darts. Lol


If you would like documented evidence of every situational circumstance that led to their irresponsibility at that point and it helps you sleep better at night then by all means I’ll document it for you. Why do you keep wanting me to prove something to you? We’re you my boss Karen? Seems like you’re taking on that role. Go ahead and write me up while you’re at it.


I’m going to quote mohe0001 here and then I will leave it alone.
“I’m in charge of what I eat, when I sleep, and when I go to the bathroom because I’m an adult and I’m an American,”
Thats good ****.


Right!! This is the winner…true at work, at play, at home, or at the ball game. That’s not just good, it’s how you should carry on. But not just for Americans, please know it’s anyone and everyone…we have folks from all over the world here


Yeah, who gives a darn if the receptionist gets to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, etc. I’m an American.