Joke? (meter malfunction)

Ok, I know this was a malfunction because I tested a second finger and it gave me an actual number, but on the first finger my meter gave me a reading of “LO.” Ha ha ha. Very funny. (My BG wasn’t “lo” by the by).

since ur “new” to the routines…I’ve tested w/o washing hands or using an alcohol pad and BG was hi…residue from food or whatever

I have had funny readings from lotion on my hands that I didn’t get off all the way when I washed them. I never use alcohol swabs, though. I test like 10 times a day, on average, so my fingers can’t take all that alcohol, I think.

You know I discovered it has something to do with the blood not moving quickly and evenly to the end of the test strip – it happened again since I posted this. Weird.

It happeneds to me also, So check my BG with a different meter just to see if its right. Yes I do wash my hands before I check. Yes it is weird

With the One Touch stuff it can get really messed up. If there is water on my hands (or dampness) the reading goes low, food residue, the reading can shoot up. Also, before they came out with their new strips (#25) it required something like 10x the amount of blood in comparison to a freestyle.

I just wash my hands then test again. =^)

10x the amount of blood?? Yikesy!!

Randomness is the stuff of life, isn’t it? Even with machines…!

I saw you mention about the amount of time it takes to put the blod on the strip effects it.If you read the info that comes with test strips most of them say something alonge the lines of if there is more than 20 seconds between getting the blood on your finger and putting it on the strip you should use a new sample because it can effect the reading as well. Also washing and drying hands thoroughly helps.If you keep getting this though I would check the meter with the control solution just to be sure.

Thanks for this info! You know I really thought I was being a good patient, but maybe not so much because I am not reading instructions, just taking them in orally – perhaps I should face the awful truth and officially join the “non-compliant” group who started a discussion a few days ago, LOL!

Yeah I really complained about it. The freestyle required something like .3 microliter where as the onetouch was 1.5 or something (ok so only 5x). =^)

Sometimes my meter tells me “HI”. I say “Hello” back.

So it always starts the conversation? :slight_smile: