Juggling blood sugar and blood pressure

Dear Jenny.

What is HCTZ.

Very interesting story about the BP. all the treatments presuppose that the body will not react to attemps at lowering it.

Interesting to see the effect of too many carbs on blood presuure.

Eating a lot less of them than before and the blood sugar is way better even with a 20% or so reduction in insulin.

HCTZ = hydrochlorothiazides. Generic term for a class of diuretics that includes Dyazide. Usually the first-approach class of drugs prescribed against hypertension. Also prescribed against edema and/or tendency to retain water.

Thanks Tmana.

Yes now that you stimulated my memory my friend Dr. Cox did mention that hydrochlorothiazide was not good for diabetics. This may not be true for all diuretics.

The NIH did the ALLHAT study with a diuretic chlorthalidone and reports on it favorably for diabetics. My favorite used to be an ACE inhibitor Ramipril that I lived with for years and with only 15 minutes of cough in the morning as a side effect. But late last fall my hands seem to go numb when lying in bed an effect that was greatly enhanced with the ACE.

So I was going to ask the GP for a prescription of chlorthalidone for a bit of BP lowering. Mine is marginally high and not always today 135/83 so I am not sure it is absolutely needed. However rumours are that a bit lower is better for diabetics. Anybody have any experience with this?

Anthony, oddly, though the hyzaar-type drugs DO raise my blood sugar in a major way, the thiazides do not affect it at all. I guess Gretchen Becker is really right that YMMV (your mileage may vary) really is true for diabetics.

An update: Had my physical yesterday, and it went very well. In fact, just as my bp decided to go way high the last 2 times I was in there, yesterday it was a very respectable number, even for a diabetic, and the doctor said she didn’t want to touch it, that is, didn’t want to try to mess with my meds. Everything else looks good. So maybe I’ve finally sorted this out (I suspect that my semi-low-carbing has helped), but at least I have a reprieve for now from starting some scary new medicine. I had even thought, before I went, that I would suggest I go back on the ACE inhibitor that had worked in the past and just live with the dry cough. But I don’t have to, for now. I do check my bp at home almost daily, and those highs at previous doctor visits were not my normal numbers. So…for now…things are ok. Thanks for all your help and suggestions and support on this issue.

Dear Ellie.

You wonder if a lot people are being erroniously treated for BP being too high based on measurements at the Doctor’s office. My numbers on the systolic (high) will be at least 10 points higher and the diastolic at least 8 points higher at the Doctor’s. My friend Dr. Cox said to stay still for 15 minutes at home before taking measurements to make them meaniful.

!/2 hour cough in the morning with ACE seems par for the course.

Dear elie.

Just to add to the above. The Doc said he would like to see the kindney function tests before deceiding on medication. I am not sure if one should tinker with BP unless your home measurements are constantly high for a prolonged period of time. Beta blockers I did not like. Ace I lived with for a few years, supposed to be good preventative for kidney problem but not sure if that is Drug company hype, cough always a problem. More so the loss of circulation in my little fingers only when I lie down so I am not sure makes BP reduction a good thing. I am will to try the hydrochlorothiazide but wonder what harm that will cause.