July Gardens

Poems in arabic and english

July Gardens

And I called the stars
And all planets
Come and join us in mass prayers
After all your God, He is my God
The only God there
The stars came
The planets brought all
Family members
To join
The moon said;
Go on start your prayer
I will stay looking after you all
The devils you know

I called the devils
Saying: come and join us
Your God is ours
The only God there
The devils joined
The moon said
Go on I have to protect you
From Satin
I called Satin
Saying; come and join us
You know God first
Before we were made
He said, if he will pray forever
He will never be forgiven
I said do not be arrogant again
Come and say million sorry
Every day
And show God how much
You love him
So even if you will end up
In hell
With your sincere love
To God
Hell will be a paradise
For you

(Translation of my Arabic poem: July Gardens, the name of my coming third book)

A hiking pict of a deer by Derek:

The beauty stood there
Is he a friend?
Or someone who
Hiding his gun
Waiting for her
To come
So near

The beauty looked
At his eyes
She can read eyes
The angle was looking
At her
Love was sent
Her ways
She smiled
And let him
The moment with her
And then
She turned
And went
7 September2008