Jury out on type 1 or2

I was diagnosed with diabetes dec 2008, and when I was hospitalized, two healthcare profs thought i was a t1 and 2 think i’m t2. I’ve been on other forums but this is the one where other people look like me. i’m 44, 5’8 and 127 lbs. up from 119 in dec 2008

today i woke up at 195 and for the past few days i’ve gone from over 400
down to 60 and then back up to over 200 and hovering around there. i’m on 10 units lantus before bed, 3 tabs of 2.5 mg glyburide and 250mg metformin

is it possible to damage the pancreas more by causing it to work harder by using more carbs than i should have?, I usually eat really healthy and low carbs, but our daughter made a delicious meal including dessert for her Home Skills project and I indulged (couldn’t resist),but I haven’t been the same since.

Hello dusk,
I see that you haven’t gotten any answers yet, so I’ll just make the start.

Whoever put you on your meds certainly doesn’t think you’re a Type 1. Type 1s no longer produce insulin, so stimulating a dead pancreas with glyburide is useless. But there are more possibilities like Type 1.5 (slow onset Type 1) that can show signs of Type 1 and 2 and confuse a lot of doctors, because they don’t know about them. I recommend the site Blood Sugar 101 if you want to read a bit more about it, or check out the 1.5 forum section here on TuDiabetes.

But no matter what type you actually are, you should discuss adding a bolus insulin to your Lantus with your doctor (preferably an endo) if you cannot handle meal carbs any longer without giant spikes. An Endo can also run tests to see if you’re a Type 1.5 and if that’s the case I’m pretty sure you can toss the metformin and the glyburide, because they’d be useless.

And there is always the possibility that you’re just having an off day, that you’re getting sick or are more stressed than usual all of which can make you temporarily high.


Thank you so much Kat for replying. It does seem like more than an off day because my numbers are finally normal 109, but I haven’t had anything to eat other than protein and veggies for over 24 hours, and going on 2 1hr walks.

I will talk to my endo about seeing if i’m 1.5 and adding bolus insulin, and thanks again for the helpful information


There are blood tests that can be done to help them decide which type you are.

First they can check now much insulin your body is currently producing (using c-peptide test) and whether or not the usual antibodies are attacking your pancreas (GAD antibodies). You should request these tests at your next visit.

Also, if you would like to read more information about type 1.5 (also called LADA), check out this group.

Wow! Looking at your numbers and weight sound familiar, I am type 1.5. My Endo told me so since day 1. I agree with Kristin, have your Physician run c-peptide and GAD 65…it’ll provide the information you are seeking.
My c-peptide is 1.3 (still making insulin) anti bodies are in the 30’s pretty darn high. I just wanted to give you a few numbers:) keep us posted.


thank you so much! i’m seeing my endo today, and will ask for these tests. hope you are having a great day.