Just diagnosed a month or so ago

I didn’t realize that there was a “welcome” section. I first typed in the pinned thread. So here goes.

Hello, my name is Jenn. I was diagnosed as a 40 something with type 1.5 in May 2018. High blood sugars were caught in a blood work done for an upcoming surgery. It was over 400. I didn’t really notice any symptoms beyond my eyes going to hell. And as to my eyes, I was still using steroids on them as I had iritis so I thought it was after effects from that. I live in the desert and have always drank a lot of water, same with going to the bathroom. I also have crohn’s (dx 20 years ago) and thought it was a flare as my crohn’s symptoms were acting up too. Not to mention, the surgery was for hidradenitis surpurtiva(HS).

I had high blood sugars in December, but again, thought it was a crohn’s flare. It was in the high 300’s but I didn’t think anything of it as I thought it was just because I had a coke right before testing. My eyes were bad then, but I thought it was just because of flaring. I didn’t even think about diabetes, never crossed my mind.

Not only do I have crohn’s, but have autoimmune liver disease (PSC) and Ankylosing spondolytis in addition to the aforementioned HS and in January was also dx’d with IgA vasculitis. So have a lot of autoimmune stuff going on.

To say this diagnosis took me totally by surprise is an understatement. I felt like an utter failure as a person due to stigmas surrounding diabetes. I mean, I had been losing weight, was getting fit and active, and my crohn’s and arthritis was getting a lot better (I had been housebound for years previously). It didn’t seem right that now I was feeling so much better that this would happen. It seemed like a cruel joke.

So now I’m on insulin (Lantus/Humalog) and trying to make sense of it all. It can be frustrating as the foods good for my crohn’s tummy is NOT good for my diabetes. I’m trying to learn the balancing act between all my issues. I’m trying to stay positive, but some days it gets real hard.

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Welcome. No need to feel like a failure. Diabetes is also autoimmune issue so nothing you could have done to prevent. Best of luck with your various issues. You will find a lot of help here. Also look at older posts you will find a lot of valuable information there.:facepunch:

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Welcome, you will find many good ideas & context here.

To help manage your food choices, I suggest meeting for a couple sessions with a dietician who is a CDE. Ask your doctor: if prescribed, maybe insurance will cover it.
Be patient–you will learn to balance things.


Hey, Jenn. Welcome to the group! Here are some flowers.


Welcome😊, so sorry you are dealing with all of this. I recommend a gluten and grain free diet and low carb but not too low.

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