Just diagnosed with neuropathy

Hi, I have just been diagnosed with neuropathy today.

I am not sure what drugs I will be put on - they are suggesting amytrypatlene (probably not spelled correctly) or pregabalin. I am a bit worried about the first one, as I understand that it can give you suicidal thoughts - and I suffer from depression anyway! The second one, I have had lot of the pregabalin and I was a zombie during the day. I mentioned this to the doctor and he poo poohed me and said that it is rare, to which I replied that anaphalaxis is rare but I have it from prawns! Does anyone else take these meds for their neuropathy?

Also is there anything practical I can do to reduce the sensations and the weakness? I have tingling and numbness and pins and needles in both my hands and arms and my legs, and an itchy feeling (without a rash) on my hand, going right through from back to palm, which is highly irritating!

Will any of this go away?

amitriptyline (elavil) will most likely help but it made me so sleepy and drugged feelilng that I couldn’t take it. It might depend on the dosage.
I’m taking Metanx which my podiatrist prescribed for my neuropathy but said he’d never heard of it working on a non-diabetic. I have a hereditary neuropathy and do not have diabetes. It has helped more than anything else I’ve tried and the doc was shocked and excited with the results. I no longer have extremely cold feet at night, I gained some of the feeling back in my feet and my reflexes are better (this after about 3 months) and the pins & needles sensation is much less. It did not seem to help with the itchy feeling.
It is just a combo of B6, B12, and folic acid. The folic acid helps your body process the B6 and B12 better than taking them alone. The drawback is: it’s a perscription but insurance won’t pay for it because they consider it just a vitamin.

May ask what tests, if any, did your doctor do in order to make the neuropathy diagnosis?

Hi, thanks that! I am already on pregabalin, (drowsy making) antihistamines (drowsy making) and antidepressants (drowsy making) and was afraid of tha amitriptyline being drowsy making too - my mother won’t take it because she has a drink problem and does not want to stop.

Tests were the prick tests, coordination tests, etc.

Kristi, may I ask, do you have the itchy feeling too then? I have an itchy (right through my hand) patch and have no rash, it was difficult to explain!

Incidentally, being in the UK prescription charges are not a problem, for which I thank God because I have diabetes and I am unemployed, so either way I get free prescriptions of all medications! Just as well because my regular medications run to 4 pages!

I have T1, fibro and neurpathy in my legs. I have hand tingling in my hands in the past but now that has subsided. I used to be on a combo of Cymbalta and Lyrica for pain and depression. The side effects were horrible, especially if you enjoy a cocktail once in a while.
After carefully weaning off those drugs about 1 1/2 years ago, I have gratefully been on a new drug called Savela that is prescribed for fibro pain. It has totally taken away all of my daily fibro pain and ALL of my neuropathy pain. Occasionally I do have to take a Tramadol for pain due to sports or exercise, but otherwise I’m fine on the Savella 2x daily. A few of my friends say that their doctors won’t give them this drug, but I think it’s definately worth asking for. I swear by it! I would be beyond mad if someone told me that I couldn’t have it anymore. And I am not groggy Orr in a “fog” at all like I used to be. Promise.
I do take Wellbutrin for ongoing depression and that has helped me out drastically.

Do your research and beware of Lyrica and Cymbalta!

Best wishes, Rebecca

Yes, I have terrible itchy feeling on my feet and ankles and on my left hand. My left hand is weaker and has less feeling in it than my right hand.