Kaiser OR says that T1D patients only need 5 strips a day to manage D

This is the address of the MD who is driving the Kaiser policy that limits Type 1 Diabetic patients to only five, that is right, 5 strips a day to manage their T1 Diabetes.

Send him a few notes to let him know about the reality of dealing with T1D and what the trade off in cost would be if they limit the use of test strips. cost such as ER, Dr Visits, EMS, Loss Productivity, Diabetes Complications, etc.

It seems like something out of the '80s or '90Hiss is an internist who is managing the Kaiser, OR drug formulary and recently sent a letter to patients stating that T1D patients will only get an allotment of five strips a day to manage their diabetes.


Done! I sent the letter I posted on Judith’s discussion.

Well Express Scripts only allows 5 per day also. Unbelievable. I also recently had a tangle with them when my doc requested that I get syringes for 6 injections per day. I spoke with a pharmacist who sounded like he was about 12 and he said “well, it’s highly unusual for someone to take more than 1 or 2 injections per day”. Well, I ended up screaming a the lad for a couple of minutes. So, I got 5 and will reuse one - no big deal.
I am so tired of dealing with insurance companies and feel that some things are not worth the effort anymore.


Unbelievable is right! Like we’re using strips & syringes for fun.

I now order syringes from American Diabetes Wholesale. With the TuD discount & free shipping, it’s cheaper to order through ADW out of pocket than to get them from CVS with a co-pay. Maybe this is an option for you.