Keeping bg up while exercising

I recently joined a gym and I’m trying to become more serious about exercising. The only problem I have is that I go low every time. I’ve tried making sure I was on the high side, around 200, before starting and by the time I’ve done about 40 minutes of cardio I’m 70 and dropping.
It’s really frustrating to have to stop my workout and drink some juice, then by the time it comes up my stomach feels too full of juice and I don’t feel like working out anymore.

So, what does everyone else eat before a workout to keep bg up? And how long before your workout do you eat it?

I am pumper like you. I typically do a temp basal for the amount of time that I will be exercising. I usually drop it down to 25% for approx 1 hour. I do this 2 hours before I am going to exercise because 2 hours is the amount of time it takes before you are going to see a difference. This should help you from going low. I would suggest that you try 75% then 50 then 25 and see which temp basal rate works best for you since everyone’s body is different.
Good luck ask me any questions if you want more info–Dave

I usually shut my basal off for 30 to 60 min prior to exercise. I would suggest exercising at the same time of day for a while so you can see how your body will react. Keep a log and monitor bs often

The problem with doing it right before you exercise is that you will go high later on. There is a 2 hour delay for when a basal will take effect. If this works for you then great I just know that no Basal right before I work out doesn’t work for me.