Keeping Private to Protect My Privacy

This is my entry for the second day of Diabetes Blog Week 2015. Read further to see why I looked like goofy Alfred E. Neuman for so many years and how I decided to reveal my true face with that bushy moustache.

Soon after my diagnosis I came to a level of acceptance of my diabetes that enabled me to open up to my circle of family, friends and colleagues. This didn’t mean that I went around to strangers telling them my diabetes stories, but those around me who cared about me and needed to understand were aware. But on the other side of it I have been perhaps somewhat paranoid about keeping things private. In previous times the only people we knew in our social circles were people that were local to us, as above our friends, family and colleagues. These were the people in our village. But today, there is no village. The internet has opened up and if you are public about something then the whole world can know it and there can be consequences. If you don’t control your private information then your privacy can be invaded and you can be harmed.

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I’ve had my Amex card compromised twice over the last 15+ years. I’ve no idea if that happened through my internet purchase activities or from using the card locally. there is always risk associated with online activity.

Be especially careful when using public wifi!!!