Keeping your TuDiabetes contributions Google-safe

TuDiabetes is an open social network, meaning that contributions posted on the Forum are visible to others outside the network, including Google: this is why we talk about this on our Terms of Service, under “Use Common Sense”. If you accidentally share something in a forum thread that you would like to remove you can edit or delete your post/comment at any time.

So, what’s to do to protect your identity (in case you are concerned about potential repercussions -having others learn about your diabetes, etc.)?

  • Do not post your personal info (email address, mailing address, etc.) on the site. Private messages are best for sending this kind of information when/if you feel comfortable sharing it with another member.
  • You don’t HAVE to use your full name on the site. If you have added your first and last name as part of your profile, you can change it by clicking on the “Preferences” link on the top right corner (on your avatar).
  • Last, you can change the URL of your profile page, which may contain traces of your last name. To do so, on the Preferences page, change your username to something that doesn’t contain your name and/or last name. Make sure to click on the “Save Changes” button when you are done.

Doing these things will help ensure that, even if your Forum posts are indexed and they appear on Google, they will not be traceable back to you (under your first and last name), if this is a concern you have.

If you have any other privacy-related questions, please send them to privacy AT diabeteshf DOT org.

Additional resources about online privacy: