Keto diet - red meat

Greedings everyone , i will go right into the core and tell up my story.

I got bad acnee on my face, scalp, chest and after i visit a dermatologist and gave me some antibiotics, some cream for my face and using them for 2 weeks, the problem wasnt even close to healing so i did some research and found that this is a sign of pre-diabetes , my entire life i was eating mostly carbohydrates and maybe once per week some deep fried chicken or something like that … long story short now i am trying to go keto diet . The main problem is i cant eat meat (except chicken breast), pork(red meat in general)/fish or any sea food, if i am trying to eat those i will have the feeling of throwing up. I can eat beef but only in a form of a burger because has alot of bread so i guess if i eat that i am not on keto anymore so whats the point … I weight 147 pounds (67 kg) and i have 23 years old.

I tried to make this short as possible, if anyone have a suggestion or anything can help me, please do it

Hi @Jack1, welcome to the forum!

Well, I’m not sure Dr Google is doing you any favors here. Dermatological symptoms can be D-related, but are hardly the first thing you’d look for that would make you leap to a D or pre-D diagnosis. It’s easy enough to check, though. Head to a pharmacy and buy an OTC blood sugar tester (they’re pretty cheap) and do a few finger sticks. In particular, do one first thing in the a.m. before you eat to get a fasting level. If it’s consistently in the range of 100-125 mg/dl over a week or so you should consider going to a doctor for more testing and a real diagnosis. But your age and body type don’t suggest type 2, and you don’t mention any of the classical symptoms of type 1 (unexplained weight loss, ravenous thirst and excessive urination), so I wouldn’t be overly concerned unless a BG meter suggests otherwise.

OTOH, it might be that the skin problem IS a symptom of something dietary or nutritional—that connection is a lot more common. Your digestive problems with meat could indicate something along those lines (not that everyone needs to eat meat). If the treatment you received doesn’t seem to be working it would definitely be something to go back to your dermatologist and ask about.


You can roll the dice with the acutane, but its a risky, heavy duty med. Can’t have it anywhere near pregnant women. It has risks.

I understand that milk and milk products have been culprits in the development of acne.
Maybe a tad bit more information on the length of time of your skin concerns. Stress levels? Never heard of meat being a causal factor in the potential development of pre diabetes.

Bad acne can be a sign of hormone fluctuations or high testosterone levels. You don’t say your age but guys can have high testosterone potentially up to the age of 20-30 years old. It can make for some bad acne until then.

Plus if you are taking anything to help with body building besides just plain protein there could be some testosterone boosters in it to help build muscle. If you can’t eat most meats and want more protein sources there are plenty of fake meat substitutes you can use instead that fit low carb. Also eggs.

mohe0001 i will visit another doctor, maybe next week , i dont want to take medication on my own

@NatureOrbs i used to drink alot of milk and eat alot of cheese , idk if that was the reason …

@Marie20 I didnt take any suppliments , i tryied to take some whey protein once but the taste of that is horrible and i actually giving up on going to the gym because i really could’t see any difference on my muscle, probably because i didnt eat enough protein, now if i am thinking probably i used to eat around 70 grams per day… but if i had high testosterone does’t mean i actually could build muscle easier ? :confused:

I used to work on building materials marketplace, everyday i had allot of physical work and still i had acnee :confused: so i told myself giving a try with the keto diet to know the problem isnt from what i used to eat but keto is mostly meat and i just cant stand the taste of the red meat or any seafood, i like eggs and i will eat them everyday

There doesn’t seem to be any reason to think keto will solve your problem from what you’ve said. I would consider doing a trial run eliminating dairy and/or gluten if you are going to try to see if a dietary factor might be at play. Seems far more likely to be useful than keto for your situation (although still might not have anything to do with it). If you make dietary changes I would give them at least 4-6 weeks to know if they help.

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