Ketones question

I’m still confused about ketones. Are they only a concern when your blood sugar is high? Or are large ketones a problem even when your blood sugar is in range?

I woke up today with very high blood sugar and tested positive for large ketones. I corrected and have been drinking lots of water. My blood sugar has been in range now for several hours, but I’m still testing positive for large ketones. Should I stop testing for ketones now that my blood sugar is in range or is this cause for concern?

I asked my doctor and he didn’t seem too concerned, but I don’t think he knows much about type 1.

Thank you!

If your blood glucose is coming down quickly it is possible to get or retain ketones. Apparently you can also get them when the levels are too low.

Ketones are a cause for concern, whatever the cause!

I undersand your frustration at your doctor, not all of them do undersand diabetes - mine does not. If I go in to her she immediately says “I am not talking to you about diabetes!”.

Ketones are caused by your body burning fat for fuel for your cells. They show up when your blood glucose is high, because your body doesn’t have enough insulin to use the sugar roaming around in your blood stream and your body burns stored fat instead. Ketones should come down after a few hours of your blood sugar normalizing by taking additional insulin. Ketones with low blood sugars or even normal blood sugars over an extended period of time indicate that your body is not getting enough food so it begins burning fat. This is dangerous for long periods of time and can result in ketoacidosis, whether your BG is high or not.