Ketones :(

So… i just got done basketball practice. and throughout it i was oober dizzy and whatnot. and i kept testing and testing. and my coaches could tell something was wrong. even though i didnt even know what was wrong… because everytime i tested my bs was fine. soooo they had me sit and i ended up running to the bathroom and through up. then i began to feel better. and then i continued to push myself as hard as i could. well anyways, when i got home my mum had me check ketones and they were small… yeahh i know right awful. but the thing is my blood sugars perfectly normal… and soo i am not one hundred percent sure if i should give extra insulin for my ketones or not???

I’d follow your BG. I don’t think that a few ketones after exercising hard is unusual. Throwing up may be something unrelated, like getting overly intense about the hot basketball action or something like that? I think that some stress/ hormone things like adrenaline can produce ketones too? I will admit that I haven’t tested my ketones ever though so I’m not exactly an expert. If your BG is ok you are ok for that I think?

I would do something to relax, maybe a hot shower? I would listen to something long and hypnotic like The Allman Brothers “Mountain Jam” or “Dark Star” from “Live Dead” in my sunroom w/ the Christmas Lights but it might freak your parents out more than the ketones if you do something like that?

did you eat before you started playing b-ball? i have to have a preworkout meal about 30-45 min before and then I don’t have problems.

yah. i ate an apple before prac. but i threw it all up…

Ketones spill if your dehydrated or if your body is burning fat for fuel while your exercising, or if your just sick from something else… I spill them often when I ride my bike… even though my blood sugars are fine.

Dont give yourself insulin to treat ketones. take in more fluid and rest. You should be taking in more when your at practice anyway. If your actually just sick follow-up with your doc and rest and push fluids.

Apples made me sick too. I go for a piece of Sara Lee whole wheat bread (13 g) with 2 tablespoons for peanut butter (7 g). I always have a gatorade/powerade handy for some quick carbs if I need it during the workout.

Insulin does not remove ketones! It lowers your bs, but it does nothing for your ketones problem.

To solve this, you’ll have to drink water. I was told, a bottle (~1 liter, don’t know what’s that in other units…) within an hour, and it should be fine.

So even with a normal, or even low, bs, there can be ketones in your body.

I always drink a lot when my bs is high because I noticed that it really makes me feel a lot better…

Another thing: I was also told that you shouldn’t do sports as long as you have ketones in your body.

To be able to continue your basketball practice, water and relaxation are the key.

From my experience, water even helps preventing ketones. Even with a bs 300+, I never test positive on ketones.

I agree with acidrock. The most likely suspect is the fat burned while playing. I’ve heard that it’s possible to have near normal bg and be slipping into DKA but I’d imagine that those are very rare (like you’d have to ahve 0 glycogen in the liver).

First, it’s important to distinguish between normal ketone production and abnormally high ketone production > ketoacidosis. Low levels of ketones are perfectly normal. They are generated anytime we burn fat for fuel. Ketones will naturally be higher after exercise and in low-carbers because more fat is being burned. Ketones are only problematic in excess, which generally does not happen unless insulin levels fall too low. Insulin is the ONLY thing that can prevent and reverse DKA, period. Water will help to dilute and flush out existing ketoacids, but it does nothing to prevent their generation. So while re-hydration is incredibly important, it doesn’t reverse the cause of the problem.

Low ketones are nothing to be concerned with. High ketones & high BG is time for concern if you can’t bring them down (that’s when you take insulin & also drink a lot of water). Don’t take insulin when BG is good.

Most everyone will have low ketones in the morning from simply not eating. Ketones are a by-product of a normal process of burning fat.