Ketosis Prone Diabetes, It's weird and, yes, some of us can go into remission

This blog is to bring together all the Ketosis Prone Diabetics and start a dialog. This is for you if you are not a type 1 but have had either a DKA episode or a dangerous hyperglycemic event. We are a different type of diabetic because we can go into a type of remission. The blog uses a lot of minority health info. This is because the syndrome has been explored most extensively in African Americans but it cuts across all ethnic lines and weight classes.


The only thing about remission is that it gives you a false sense of security. It happened to me. I thought diabetes was gone for good until I wound up in metformin. I think even at the remission stage always test at least 3 times a day. May seem to be worthless at the time of remission but it does help keep an eye on things to see if sugars may go back up and push you out of remission. I am working in remission part two

Yeah, I ran into a guy who was partying it up and I told him that he had better be careful because KPD’s can always go DKA.