Key Food Consumption Tips For Managing Diabetes

-don’t eat dessert. ever.
-eat whole grain carbohydrates instead of processed white carbs. whole grain carbs don’t spike your blood sugar and drop fast later.
-eat lots of vegetables and lean protein (chicken, fish, tofu)
-avoid dried fruit
-eat small amounts of fruit (1 banana or 1 apple) in the morning for breakfast
-avoid soda and energy drinks
-don’t put sugar or honey in your coffee
-don’t drink milk
-don’t eat cookies, cakes, pies.
-if you are on insulin and drink alcohol, be very careful to monitor your blood sugar so it doesn’t go low, especially if you mix alcohol and exercise
-eat carbohydrates before exercising. keep a large bottle of gatorade in your backpack while exercising in case you go low.

Whole grain carbs effect me just as badly. Not that I’m advocating for processed white carbs at all, but a rise hours later isn’t necessarily a good thing when insulin is gone (for those who are insulin dependent). Try experimenting by eating a small piece of white bread & test. Then eat the same size pi

ece of whole wheat bread. The effect will be the same.

I eat wonderful, healthy low carb desserts made from nut flours & unsweetened chocolate.

sorry to hear that Gerri. Ya everyone is different. these pointers are what have helped me.

Judith, love the summary. very to the point and right on, :slight_smile:

Soy is a doubled edged sword. It contains plant estrogen what can reach havoc on men who have androgen issues.

Soy should be avoided for those who have thyroid problems also, common in diabetics (especially women).