Kidney measurement

Does ACR of 6.4mg/mmol considered high?

I have creatinine reading of 0.76 mg/dl, urine sample state protein of a + status.

Blood pressure of 140/100.

I also has a LDL of 145, with a total choestrol of 221.

Should I be worried.


A blood pressure of 140 (technically 141 or higher) over 100 is high, both systolically and diastolically speaking. Are you taking antihypertensive medication(s)? I’d start there if I was you…

An ACR (albumin to creatinine ratio) of 6.4 mg/mmol is indicative of microalbuminuria (MAU). I think you should be concerned; I’d escalate to worried if you do not intend to pursue treatment and follow-up.

Your LDL level is within normal limits. Your total cholesterol is elevated.

You definitely need to get follow-up for your hypertension (high blood pressure) and MAU.