Lack of sunshine vitamin may cloud survival odds

New research linking low vitamin D levels with deaths from heart disease and other causes bolsters mounting evidence about the “sunshine” vitamin’s role in good health.

Patients with the lowest blood levels of vitamin D were about two times more likely to die from any cause during the next eight years than those with the highest levels, the study found. The link with heart-related deaths was particularly strong in those with low vitamin D levels.

Studies can be viewed from different angles . . . Sunshine is a great anti-depressant and tends to motivate people, hence they are more active and feel better just getting out. Getting out or doing a little gardening is great therapy. You get exercise and the fruit or vegetables for your labor. Having diabetes is by no means the end-of-world, it is a change of lifestyle and eating habits. Not exercising [even very little] and just laying around will lead to muscle wasting and weight gain. I am not against the studies in any manner and vitamin E is important but, we all must stay in our best shape and get out of the house and do anything other than sitting around. I have little projects and take my time making sure not to over do it and I pace myself.

Take a good daily vitamin along with chromium and some Omega-3 fish oils and don’t forget Niacin. Co-enzyme Q-10 is also an excellent supplement.

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