LADA progression?

I was misdiagnosed with type 2. It actually took 5 years for my pancreas to show signs of type 1.5. My last c-peptide level was under one. What happened to me was I was on a medication that basically poisoned my body and set off the auto immune reaction and it killed off my beta cells over the course fof 5 years. Since I am overweight all the doctors thought I was type 2 even though type 2 doesn’t runin my family. I actually started on insulin about 2 years after being diagnosed with type 2 as diet, exercise and oral meds did nothing for me I was in the hospital every other week with sugars over 500. This past year was when my diagnoses changed to type 1.5.

I was diagnosed Aug 2002 as a type 2 “maybe” the Doctor said. Pills had no effect except severe nausia. I was completely insulin dependant by Feb 2003. No big deal now. I use a novolin pen, carrie it in my backpac. The trick is test often and in regular intervals. I test every two hrs. and have found that exersise reduces the blood sugar, but if you are extermly happy or excited the blood sugar goes sky high as well as with sleeping. If you have a great dream, you wake up too high. I only use the rapid, found that the long lasting made me to tired just like a large meal had to always lay down. The two hr test limit works great for me, keeps me low. Today I use a 3ml/100 units of insulin per day.
Good luck, “food is the enemy”.

Wow Danial. Is that right that you use 100 units of insulin per day? And only fast-acting insulin?

This strikes me as a lot of insulin… I know that everyone’s needs are different. About how many grams of carbs are you eating per day?

Also I have never heard of sleep making your blood sugar high. Have other people experienced this? In general, there is something called the Dawn Phenomenon that causes many people to wake up with high blood sugars. If you have high blood sugars when you wake up, you should consider a long acting insulin, like Lantus or Levemir.