Family history with LADA?

Hi all.
I am curious if any of you have a family history with LADA. It seems that my grandmother also got Type 1 diabetes in her 40's as well as my sister.
(My sister and I both tested positive for the antibodies.)

Many of my descendants had or have diabetes but it's hard to tell how many where Type1 because in the old days they just put everyone on insulin if they had sugar spilling over into their urea. My mother and father are in their 80"s and do not have Diabetes but my brother and I both use insulin. I was not tested for antibody's for almost 15 years after I was Diagnosed and started using insulin, I tested positive with only a small amount of GAD 65 and my C-peptide was <.05.

At 34 years old I went from healthy to very ill in just a couple of weeks but my brothers onset took many years.

Nope. The only one in my family who had diabetes was my paternal grandmother and though she died 50 years ago so my memories are vague, I'm nearly positive it was Type 2. (Though I understand there can be some crossover genetics with type).

My brother was diagnosed as pre-diabetic a couple years ago in his 60s (I was diagnosed at 58); he was a bit overweight so lost the weight, cut carbs and his A1C is normal. (I'm still watching it though, even if he's not!).

That's what family is for. Even if he doesn't necessarily appreciate you for it. (-:

Yep! He doesn't mind; he's just puzzled because he was told he was fine now. Sounds like you and your sister are good support for each other?

I have a lot of Type 1 diabetes in my brother was a type 1 diabetic dx as a toddler, my cousin was dx at age 8 and my other cousin was dx with LADA at age 30. I was dx LADA at age 37. Also my maternal grandparents were type 2s and my only living grandparent (paternal grandmother) also dx as type 2 and has currently started insulin at age 91 due to it being extremely uncontrolled. Unfortunately diabetes is all to common in my family. It is one of the reasons I pushed for antibody testing when my PCP said I was a type 2, I didn't buy it and I was right!

I'm the only Type 1 in my family that I know of, diagnosed at age 27 (and misdiagnosed as Type 2 initially).

My brother is Type 2 on insulin. I have another brother who shows no signs yet but I worry about him because he needs to drop some weight with our family history.

My paternal grandmother was diagnosed Type 2 in her 50s but was put on insulin in her 70s. Neither of my parents have diabetes. I think there is some Type 2 a couple of generations removed on my mom's side too. I've always wondered about the genetics of how my parents escaped it - they are both in their 70s and get tested regularly.

My Grandfather was diagnosed in 1929 at the age of 33. He was a British Army officer just back from a posting in Uganda. He was put onto insulin and survived 25 years, not bad considering the lack of knowledge about diabetes in those days. I reckon he was a LADA like me as he wasn't overweight and was a fit man. He was always hugely grateful to Banting and Best for their discovery a few years before his diagnosis. My diabetes came on at the age of 29 during my first pregnancy and never went away when my son was born. I was diagnosed as type 2 and after the birth initially treated with tablets, although always treated as a type 1 by my medical team because, being slim, they realised I was probably a LADA, eventually proven by the blood test a few years later.

I have no family history of diabetes of any kind that I know of although my brother may be a possible type 2 in the making, we aren't sure. My paternal grandfather had autoimmune thyroid disease. There could be family members that did have D that I don't know of, but so far I am the only one.

Hello all.
Thanks for responding. I guess what I see is that everyone's LADA history is different. Surprise!
Unconsciously, I guess I keep looking for someone whose diabetes will look the same as mine and then we can share all of our successes and really give each other a hand with all of those things that keep eluding our grasp.

we can still give each other support even without having a similar history :)

Even Identical twins have diffrent issues when they are confronted with diabetes....

Yep got ma LADA at 19,my old man got at 19 too same presentation.both of us tested positive but for some reason me and him are boarder line positive.the weird thing is his numbers are close to mines and haven’t progressed fast and his 30years type yes I do believe genetic bases have a role but doesn’t tell the whole story.

My father was diagnosed at 26. I was diagnosed at 21. My youngest brother at 24. Another brother was diagnosed at 12. None of my 5 sisters have shown symptoms.

There seems to have been some diabetes in my maternal grandfather’s family. I remember hearing about it when I was a child. Don’t know whether t1 or t2. My mom had recurring hypoglycemia that became frequent–at least one or two episodes each week. She was given GTTs, but I don’t think even the 6hr indicated any diabetes. My birth father died at 45 of a heart attack. He was heavy and he smoked, but I wonder whether he might not have been diabetic also. I’m pretty sure it was in his family as well. How well would it have been diagnosed in an adult prior to 1950?

T1 is one manifestation of an autoimmune condition. To me it is the condition that is spread in your familiy not T1 itself. By looking closely at your family tree you will find all sorts of rare autoimmune problems: thyroid, skin problems and so forth. T1 is just so rare because the likelyhood that your body will attack the little mass of beta cells is not very high. The speciality of T1.5 is just the slower development. This slower progression may also be influenced by inherited properties of the immune system.