Lantus causing rapid lows

Looking for some advice. I’m a 36 year old female with type 1 diabetes since age 28. I have been on lantus the entire time. My endo had split my doses about 3 years ago, taking 15 units at breakfast in my left leg and 7 units at supper in my right leg. I have more of an athletic body type so there isn’t a lot of fat to inject in, however, I use the smallest needles available.
Last year, I had 2 incidences of rapid crashes within 10 mins of taking lantus, so the conclusion was I prob hit a vein, both happened in the morning, both in the left leg
This year, it has happened twice in 2 weeks, and it always happens in my left leg, so my endo said do both the am and pm lantus in my right leg. Thurs I did this and it was fine. Fri, I ate a piece of toast, took lantus, was getting ready for work (did not take any humalog) and about an hour later, my glucose dropped. It dropped 100 points–thankfully I wear a CGMS so I can see the pattern occur. Then at lunch I had a 10g bowl of soup, no humalog, and my sugar did not increase. Saturday (today) the exact same thing happened. Ate a piece of toast, took lantus, no humalog, and an hour later, my blood sugar started decreasing, this time only 50 points, but still scary. Lunch time, I ate a lunch that I frequently have, so I know what carbs and humalog to take, and it acted as if I was doing a correction.
I can understand lantus dropping me within 10 to 15 mins means I hit a vein. But lantus dropping me an hour after administration makes no sense.
Any insight is appreciated. I’m getting scared to take my lantus. I’m getting scared to leave the house.

I read somewhere a lantus intraveneous injection could take 45 minutes to cause a low… ah, thanks to google here is the conversation:

I guess see what your endo thinks, it would seem uncommon to hit veins that often.

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I’m so glad you raised this topic, @Jessica15! This happened to me the other night and I thought it was so weird. After I read your post, I remembered a drop of blood after my shot and thought, aha! :syringe:

I had these problems constantly when I was doing MDI with Lantus and Novolog. Really no rhyme or reason to when they would happen but they were significantly harder to control than the lows I get on a pump.

I know this is a late reply but may be relevant to others
I read that levemir twice a day may be a better option. As the way it works, it won’t spike if you hit a vein.

Additionally, Tresiba may be a good basal insulin option in order to avoid lows, especially overnight lows.

When I was still doing MDI I got better control with Lantus than I did Levemir, but I def had to split the Lantus dose up or otherwise I’d get lows on it too. You might ask your Endo if you can try a different basal insulin like Levemir, or as was also suggested Treshiba. I’ve never used that one so have no opinion on how well it may work. But from what I’ve seen in posts on here people are seeming to have good results with it.