Lantus dose

I am just curious, does everyone split their lantus dose? Is there anybody that takes the whole dose at once?

I am taking 8u at 7pm and 4 at 7am. Just curious if the smaller doses can be taken all at once. I have not had any issues, it is mostly just for convenience.

I never even was told about dose splitting, yet I see a lot of people do it. I take all 10 units that I take at once. So far that has never given me any issues.

Thanks! do you take it AM or PM. Do you follow low carb?

Hey girl!
I thought you were on the pump?!

Hi! I'm taking a little vacation from my pump. Maybe just a month or so.

really? well I hope all is well.. can I ask why?

I take split-dose Levemir now, but also split my dose when I was taking Lantus. I started with one injection a day, but found it wouldn't last a full 24 hours for me and I would go high a few hours before my daily injection. It doesn't hurt to try a single dose and see whether or not the same thing happens to you.

Just felt like I needed a little change :). I love my pump, i will go back eventually.

How are you?

I take 8u of Lantus all at once at night. It lasts for me until the next night.

are you newly diagnosed?

If you are asking about me, I have had t1 for 15 years.

wow interesting. I have had it for 13. I was taking a much larger dose but low carb has allowed me to take less insulin which is why i am taking a pump vacation and seeing if i can manage on MDI for a bit.

I am good! Thanks.. I wish I had the determination you did with the whole low carb thing.. its sooo damn hard for me! Keep us updated!

I've been playing with Lantus and Levemir in the last period.
Thing is the duration of insulin is directly proportional to the amount you inject.

Before lo-carbing I was shooting 1 big Lantus a day. During lo-carb I had to reduce the dose and had to split it cause the low dose injection wasn't covering the whole day.
Recently I had to increase the Lantus dose again and the two injections started overlapping.
For that reason I've switched to Levemir twice a day.

I take 1 dose of lantus in morning 38 units, seems pretty high compared to some in here lol, i also take novorapid with it usually 6 unit am 7 lunch 8 dinner, i chop and change my rapid insulin but my lantus dose been more or less same for last few years , well long as i can remember but i also have crap memory lol

I take 1 lantus dose a day… I think it’s potency fades towards the 24 hour mark but that works out well for me because I require less insulin in the evenings than throughout the day

I was originally on once a day before having it split to twice a day to try and fix some of the points when my levels bounced around. In the end it still didn't work so moved to a pump.

Insulin wise it is meant to last for 24hrs (of peak performance, for me it tended to drop off massively around 20hrs) but it lingers in your system on a minor dose for about 60hrs. And it first kicks in about 4hrs after the injection. So for me the peaks and troughs, and also the lingering part became a huge issue with exercise and before an event I had to stop using it over two days before hand to just ride things through using increased Novorapid.

It's like many of these things though, how we react to it depends greatly on how sensitive we all are to it and our own life styles. Too much random really between us all for one thing to be the same for us all.

One big dose. It lasted longer than 24 hours(probably since it was a bigger dose).
An injection at midnight seemed to worked great due to my insulin needs and the onset/conclusion of the doses overlapping. I tried the 2 shot method a lot since it seems like the majority of Tu has better control with it. With one dose it just seemed easier to avoid issues with next day activity related hypos. If you're on a smaller dose I would guess the onset and duration would be faster and shorter, law of small numbers? But I haven't really found this to be true.

PM, 10 units at 10pm. Easy to remember it that way. I do a slightly less than average carb diet I guess but not low carb, probably around 160-180 a day.

Hey Andrea,

I'm on low carb and I tried to get off my pump as well, mostly due to Doc Bernstein's negative outlook on pumps, so I switched to Levemir for a month, which is similar to lantus.

Overall, I found that my averages shot up no matter what I did and it was hard to get the injections and timing right. I tried twice a day, then 3 times a day, evenly spaced. 2 times a day ended up working best for me, as I would forget 3 shots sometimes and things would go haywire after that. For 2 shots, I took one 5 unit dose in the morning and one 4 unit dose at night before bed.

I found going back to injections to be much more effort and work just to achieve a less than ideal basal with a lot of fussing. After now being back on the pump, I really can appreciate how awesome the device is - it basically takes care of your basal in a way so that you don't have to be dealing with all that and for someone like me, who's not exactly Mr. Punctual, it's ideal that a robotic like device is doing the thinking and acting for me.

Just my 2 cents though :)