Laser cataract surgery

Hi! Anyone gone through laser cataract surgery before? If so how did it go? I’m having mine next Wednesday at Evergreen eye center at Seattle and I’m extremely nervous!

I’d be nervous too. have you seen any of the doctors there? I know when I need to get mine, I’m going to get the eye doctor I’ve been seeing for the past 10 years to do mine. (yes, she’s already told me I will need it eventually)

Hi there. I had mine done last year through Eye Associates NW at Evergreen Hospital, one in July and one in August. By FAR the worst thing I encountered was the patch I had over night.

I don’t know how bad your cataracts are (mine were nearly opaque), but you will probably be amazed at how much difference it makes. If your doctor is skilled at this procedure I would be more excited than worried. I normally see a retinologist and he would not do it. He had my opthomologist do it and I could not be happier. It literally and truly changed my life. No exaggeration in that at all.