Last 15 days nightmere

I am diabetic since 25 years and was in control till 1992 when i got bullet shot in my arm and back.during many oprations in one year i was advised regular treatment orally. bloodsuger was in controol
and doctores always advised me for insulin.i never head their advise,because it looks i am ill. Now since one year i am on insulin.doing well
My life is hactic in business and have to travel and my proublem is only in eating what to take till i stay with a friend am comfortible.
Now the latest proublem with me is since 15 days i feel pain in lover abdomin and urinate a lot ,sweating,weak ness, i feel little erection but now hard to urinate,getting pain in urinae track,i can not sit as i get pressure on some nerves, and one fie morning i got such pain i want to urine never pass.
finally i called Doctor he suggested intravenus injuctions twice a day 1000 mg and sone teblets
i got relief .but in one night i urinated about 100 times sweated as if i had heart atcak had to change bedding three times
to cut short i got USG bone and found my prostate englarged 35 Grams, beeing over fifty years it can happen but having all the precious medications ,monthly visit to doctor,BS rendom testing, monthly clinic testing and all measure tests every alternate month, walking 1.5 hours a day,less eating. i am short to understand what a lay man has to do after taking such care and health concious
why it happned

Hello: :slight_smile:

You sure are having a nightmare. Sorry to hear that. At first, I thought you had a urinary tract infection, then maybe a kidney stone or other blockage.

Many Men who are not Diabetic get an enlarged prostate. So try not to feel bad about why you got it. It is Good that you try to keep your blood sugar in control. I don’t think the Drs. know what causes prostate problems. Maybe someone else could answer that. Do continue to look after your Diabetes though. That most likely will keep you alive much longer. I’m Glad that your Dr. found the problem and is able to help you. I hope that you will be okay. Good Luck!

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