Last week of gluten torture test! ❤️


I’ve been doing a “gluten reintroduction” for the past 5 months so that I can be properly tested for celiac. My biopsy is on Thursday and I cannot wait to finally go back to gluten-free.

It was fun for a while to eat forbidden foods. It is much easier to not find and prepare GF, saving me a ton of time and effort.

But my poor, poor butt! :peach:

While it’s frustrating to have such debilitating systems and no good reason why, I’m really hoping for not having celiac. Then I can still occasionally enjoy a gluten-packed treat, pay the TP tax and not feel like I’m hurting my health. :crossed_fingers:t4:


Are you also having blood work ran? A full celiac panel would make sense. Basically why not do that as you have been eating gluten in prep for the Endoscopy anyway.


I had the blood panel done last week and it came back with values all in the 5-10 range, when it needed > 20 to be positive. However due to the severity of the symptoms, that we know I respond to a GF diet, and I have one of the celiac genes, she said it was worth doing the biopsy. I guess you can have one without the other, but the chance is low.

Mostly I wanted to do the biopsy so that I could stop worrying and know for sure that I don’t have it. Maybe that’s a waste? Both my rheumatologist and now this doctor thought ruling it out was reasonable.


Agreed. Your approach is entirely logical.

There are various gluten/wheat conditions/issues/allergies which are not Celiac Disease but which are still 100% valid medical issues.

And then there are the people with no medical issue who simply choose not to eat gluten foods. These people are entirely appreciated as they help to increase the availability of gluten-free food and help drive down the price.


I am the proud owner of a “non-celiac gluten sensitivity”! :tada: Very happy to know that I can occasionally eat gluten foods and not worry that I’m hurting myself beyond some bathroom time.

I’m back on my GF diet and am starting to feel better already. :peach:

Oh, also the damage from my GERD has healed from last year. Previously my endoscopy showed a bunch of black, scary looking stuff which is now happy and pink, only a wee bit of redness left. I know lots of people say that GERD can be fixed with diet, mine wasn’t though, and I’m grateful that something is working.