Latent meaning no symptoms

If i am lada how comes i am having so many side affects from the peaks and dips but am not hitting diagnosis criteria? Did or can any of you feel the BS changes like getting drunk ans sober in hour? Or is it just me?

Of course you feel the side effects but the diagnosis must be based on scientific methods. Several people have told you about the autoimmune tests necessary. You must find out witch type of diagnosis you really have. If your doc is not willing to do these tests then change the doc. I highly recommend to find an endocrinologist or diabelologist (endo specialized on diabetes). Please stop to think that you could diagnose your type without medical help. If you are really LADA then you will develop Type 1 diabetes. The time window for that is rather short so use your time wisely.

I ask becase most Diabetics type 2 have no symptons also latent means no symptoms. I am not doagnosising myself just trying to find someone who understands what i am talking about which was my question.

So in truth i am looking for someone to speak to who understands what i feel. Not a cure or result.

“Latent” as in Latent Autoimmunde Disease in Adults does not necessarily mean “no symptoms” Claire. It just means that it comes on much more slowly than true Type 1. That is why many LADAs are misdiagnosed as Type 2. I had all the classic symptoms when I went in to be tested, but was able to manage on oral meds for about 15 months. That’s a fairly typical LADA pattern. My suggestion is when you experience these symptoms, test your blood sugar. In general, you want to get in the habit of checking your blood sugar at different times, such as first thing in the morning and after meals, to get some idea of what it is doing. I can see from Holger’s response that you have posted before, but I don’t recall if you were told your blood sugar or A1C is normal? If it is a bit high, and if you are experiencing symptoms than it is time to go to a doctor (if you haven’t already), get your type determined and proceed to determine treatment from there. You can also learn on here how to control blood sugars with diet and exercise as you are waiting for the above process.

Its a nigghtmare i have found eating tiny amounts 3 times a day is helpful but not fool proof. Thank you its nice not to feel so alone

Glad someone understands. I am heading for enployment tribunal on top of this. Oh such fun! My spikes are getting higher too. Been transferred to Chemical pathology unit await appointment so thats one good thing! How long before you got diagnosed were you having troubles? Did Metformin help you at the start then seem to fail?