Lchf macros

I know that everyone is different and needs different macros/diets. I’m just curious if macros like that, more or less, will be good: 70-80g carbs (18%), 110-130g fat (65%), 80g protein (18%) for 1800 calories?

I don’t want be on keto diet, I feel good on lchf diet but I know also that we shouldn’t mix fuels, like eat a lot of fat with a lot of carbs (like fast foods :p) What do you think about my macros? I want to try dr Lutz’s diet (only have to limit carbs to 72g max. 80g per day, it’s not necessary to count fat and protein). My carbs are from fruits like berries, veggies and legumes I don’t eat grains. Can I eat this amount of fat (good fat) with 70-80g of carbs?

I don’t know anything about Dr. Lutz diet. My advice to you is to try it and test frequently before and after meals to see how the diet affects you. What works for me may not work for you, we all have different reactions to foods.
Good luck.


I’m with Pastelpainter…Experiment. Keep a food journal and test frequently. It won’t take long for you to figure out what foods give you nasty spikes and how long they last. Exercise in relation to your personal eating schedule. Basically, you want to develop a routine in which a little walk or housekeeping follows food! The fewer carbs you eat, the less exercise required—LOL

I eat roughly along the lines of Bernstein’s work. I’ve been doing that for over a decade and so far haven’t needed meds, though I’m sure that day will arrive eventually. I’ve also been doing it so long, I know when some treats are okay for me and what they can be. My A1cs have ranged from a low of 4.9 to a high of 5.6 during that time. I had one in the low 6s I think, but that was during a period of recovery from major surgery and so easily explainable…Oh—I’m a T2—did I say that?..

Keep at it…You can do this! Gradually, one doesn’t think of it as a WOE—just as food!..

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Did you mean Dr. Robert Lustig, Pediatric Endocrinologist, affiliated with UC San Francisco? He is promoting a lower carb diet and avoiding processed foods to slow down the epidemic of diabetes. Amazingly, he went back for his law degree a few years ago. He is trying to get the word out about the effects of sugars on our health.

Like the advice already given, eat to your meter. That will help you determine which carbohydrates affect you personally. I have been on this diet for four years and now my A1c shows that I am non-diabetic (TD2).

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Your meter will tell you if this diet works for you or not.different foods affect peoplemdifferently and the vetu beat way to know what works for you is to test frequently. I actually dicovered that some foods keep me at an OK level at 2 hours but lead to highs at 3-4hours, followed by reactive hypos and then followed by liver dump spikes even higher than my first high.

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Cyclinglady, Dr Wolfgang Lutz ans his book ‘Life without bread’ :slight_smile: Hi suggests to eat no more than 72g of carbs and eat as many fat and protein as we want (don’t count this macros). 72g of carbs per day is an amount that was suggested to follow for diabetes before ‘insulin era’
I’ll check out info about Robert Lustig :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you all :slight_smile: I’ll work with meter :slight_smile:

Bernstein works for me. I eat around 30-35 carbs a day. That’s for 11 years now. No meds yet, anyway…