Letters to our pancreas

Dear pancreas I am a little upset by your resignation I mean at least a warning would have been nice. I mean seriously is it that hard to produce the insulin. I do it everyday and have become the insulin addict I am today due to your lack of proformace. we treated you well and you didn’t let me down for 12 yrs and then bam you quit. all my other organs seem to be happy but you had to be the rebel. you really put me in a predicament I mean I have to do your job all day everyday my whole life is based off a number on a meter. now don’t get me wrong I do everything possible to keep up with my lack of support from you and refuse failure unlike you. so if you could just step back in and do your job that would be great.

yours truly,

good stuff…it is what I have thought many a time over the last 40 years. Thanks for the unique words.