Levemir- One or Two Shots?


I’ve been on injections for the better part of 11 years. Back in the day, I was on two shots of NpH- then Lantus and now Levemir. I’m still doing one shot per day of Levemir. Is this the norm?

I’ve been reading the forums/ discussions here and have noticed that almost all of you on Levemir are doing two injections per day.

I’m wondering if I should talk to my doctor about two injections of the stuff?

My numbers are okay. They vary sometimes, but typically I’m pretty controlled. Should I be worried?

Hi Marps,

I too am on Levimir, taking one shot in the a.m. I have the DP with numbers at 140-150 in the morning. My doctor has recommended that I split it and take part in the a.m. and the rest at night, but every time I try this I crash at 2 or 3 in the morning. Been experimenting with this for a while now.

If what you are doing is working for you, dont mess with it.

Thanks, that’s very helpful. I was worried that I’m not “up to date” with the medical world. :slight_smile:
I take my shot just before bed. I’m afraid of “crashing” during sleep.
My night time numbers aren’t the “best”, it seems like the Levemir wears off after 23 hours? instead of the full 24? Sometimes, it might be due to my tendency toward unhealthy eating. :slight_smile:

As far as I know people seem to split their injections of Lantus/Levermir in order to get sufficient basal coverage because these insulins don’t necessarily give people 24-hour coverage from one injection alone.

I guess this is why I was transferred back onto Insulatard twice daily last autumn. This was a real case of insulin hopping for me because I’d been taking Insulatard (mixed in the syringe with the fast-acting Velosulin) since my diagnosis back in the early 80s. I was switched onto a few other intermediate-acting insulins in the 1990s before being put onto Lantus shortly after it first came out. Now I’m back where I started in 1982. Not that I’m complaining, though, because Insulatard twice daily is working so much better for me; I’m really happy with it and don’t find that extra injection a problem.

This adds a new twist to the saying “what goes around comes around” :wink:

I take Levemir in split dose, larger amount in the am and smaller pm (before bed). Working well. No lows with just the Levemir like I had with Lantus.
Have hypo’s if I don’t eat enough and over bolus or do correction before bed.

Why change if you are doing okay sweetie? Don’t fix what isnt broken. xxoo

Exactly :wink:

Thanks! I tend to worry too much about stuff- or not at all. haha.

The activity curve for levemir is different in Type 1s and Type 2s. The smaller the dose you use, the shorter the action.

If you are only using like 10 units, you might do better with 2 shots because it will wear off. If you aren’t seeing highs in the morning, you probably don’t have to worry.

Jenny- Thanks! I’m using 44 u at night.