Levemir twice a day VS once

So I am having huge issues with my blood sugar from around 4pm until 10pm. My blood sugars from morning to afternoon are always wonderful. However, I can be 90 at 3pm and then 2 hours later before dinner be 150-200+ and I have to take a lot of insulin at dinnertime and eat barely any carbs and still be 150-200 I am SO frustrated and of course very worried because I am pregnant. For example I was 150 before dinner last night. Took 3 units,waited 35 miutes before eating anything,and ate only 3 carbs- 4 egg whites with cheese and 3 slices bacon. 2 hours=157 including a 15 minute walk. At 10pm I was 220 without eating anything else so corrected and went to bed. I take my levemir around 7:30pm once daily. The only explanation I can come up with is that my levemir is poopin out late afternoon and causing very high bg until very late at night when my next shot of Levemir kicks in. Any other theories? I just increased from 2 units of levemir once at night to 4 units once at night (the insulin needs during pregnancy are everchanging and increase with each passing week). I am going to take 1 unit of levemir this morning at 7:30 (12 hrs since my last shot of 4 units) and see what happens. When you split your levemir does it have to be an even split or does it not matter?
Hope everyone has a blessed 4th of July!!! :slight_smile:

Levemir is meant to be taken in two doses; that is how it’s prescribed. No, it doesn’t matter if you take it in equal or unequal doses. When I was on MDI I took it 12 hours apart and it worked for me, but other people use different breakdowns.

Another real question to ask is whether your basal is actually set right. Following a low carb diet, my basal is about 70-75% of my total daily dose. Your basal seems just tiny.

And so another key questions is what happens when you raise you basal to 5-6 units. Did you go low overnight/morning at higher Levemir levels? Why not consider moving your Levemir, then it can peak during the day/evening more and even if it peaks.

And the real answer is that you should set your basal to meet your needs. I have an distinctly uneven basal, both in level and timing, 15 units at 6am and 27 units at 9pm.

Hi LiL MaMa Jenn! Sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble, that’s never fun. My experience has been that lower doses of either basal insulin won’t last all day, and you’re on extremely low doses. I think that adding a second small dose is a good idea. Levemir can be dosed once or twice a day, depending on your needs. Often, type 1’s and people with gestational diabetes are on such low doses that they do better when taking it twice a day. Most people with type 2 do just fine with once daily dosing. When splitting, you and your doctor should find what works best for you. The shots don’t need to be any specified time apart and certainly not an even split. Many people have widely varying basal needs at different times of the day, so you can figure out what works best for you. Maybe take your second (very small, start with 1 unit) dose at noon or 1pm? If you’re consistently running around 90 at 3, you don’t want any additional insulin on board at that point, so I would caution against taking another dose first think in the morning. You might end up low by midafternoon. Keep some juice or glucose tabs handy just in case! Good luck and happy 4th!

So just 2 weeks ago I was only taking 2U Levemir a day and waking up around 100-110…I am now taking 4Uat 7:30 pm and 2U at 7:30 am. Problem is I go low before it’s time for lunch and then by midafternoon nighttime I am running high 100s-200 and having to correct every night before bed, still waking up around 130-140. This is going to be another VERY long 5 months! I"M SO FRUSTRATED!!!

As of this morning I am taking 4U PM and 3U AM exactly 12 hours apart and as a tired pregnant mom of a toddler I don’t see 11pm very often LOL. I’m actually taking it at 8:15 pm and 8:15 am…thinking of switching my AM dose to 9:15 or 10:15 because I am going low before lunch and high at night.