Life Insurance

Has anyone with Type 1 diabetes had any luck finding affordable term life insurance? When ever I ask a agent and tell them about my diabetes they just roll their eyes or I never hear from them again.

Wouldn’t most insurance carriers just declare, let’s say, diabetes as a pre-existing condition even well after picking up a policy?

You think I’d know more about this kind of thing actually, having alot of family with experience in the insurance industry. D:

I guess I didn’t frame the question really well

The example I’m trying to use here is my own, I had gotten life insurance last year because of my area of work (Working with big scary machines that make plastic and kill people on occasion :D), had no health issues what-so-ever prior to getting the policy - wouldn’t they just attempt to drop me, now that I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes as of now?

I think I’ve heard of it being done with people who were diagnosed with cancer, and it had happened to my uncle when he was in the hospital for some heart issues. Not specifically with life insurance, but with health insurance, though. They tried to claim the problems on pre-existing condition, and then deny coverage.

I’m always so foggy on the whole insurance industry bit.

If you work for a large company on your health plan you can opt in for term usually up to 100K.