Life Span?

Hi, Thanks for all those people who responded. Your comments were really useful…Great website, better than anything else out there.

I just have a few more points on diabetic lifespan where i would welcome feedback, firstly every yearly check and visits to my doctor always begin with him asking how long i have been type 1 diabetic(even though he has my notes in front of him!!). When i mention 27 yrs he always says this is such a long time. I always leave feeling that i am on borrowed time before the complications set in or i just keel over. i am 41 and even accounting for 15 yrs off my lifespan for diabetes this is still a short time to suffer aint it?? Secondly research shows ony 40% of people with diabetes suffer complications. So does that mean the majority 60% should have same life expectancy as a non diabteic - this is never discussed - only the reduced lifespan as a general statement. Pls can someone help me make sense of it all. A new daughter in my life has suddenly brought up fears of my own mortality. Chris

Remember what Mark Twain said–there are lies, damn lies & statistics. Studies are often flawed in their design & often designed to support a particular outcome. Seems that for every study, there’s another refuting it. Know this doesn’t answer your question, but don’t put too much stock in this type of research.

You’re not on borrowed time. Take good care of yourself by doing the best you can to keep your BG level. The swings between highs & lows are damaging. Enjoy your daughter, live life to the fullest & laugh at the studies & your doctors.

I am 69 and going strong …almost 27 years with diabetes, pumping for 8 …doing 1/2 marathons, several in one year …no BP problems ( take meds ) , no chol problems ( take meds ) …, no eye problems due to D., just " old age " , no kidney problems either . Wow, I have outlived my parents and they did NOT have diabetes. Stay on top of it : finger poke , finger poke, finger poke and use the results !