Lilly to Introduce Lower-Priced Insulin


I was kinda surprised by everyone’s reaction to this. I felt really happy. But, all the diabetics I met with in person, and my own dad, and members of the legislature, seemed even more mad. I don’t think this ends here. They all said many of the same things that you guys say.


Half off of totally outrageous is still an outrageous price. It’s not like they are doing constant R&D on this stuff. It’s been around since 1996–24 years!


That’s exactly what it is, a PR move to deflect as you stated.


Thats what the Senator said.


Did not read the article but appears that Lilly was sued for ‘low prices’ in a perceived attempt to buy the market. Seems to me that anti-monopoly laws would have better served the community. Isn’t the heart of corporate America to produce something equivalent or better at a lower cost than competition and drive consumers to your product?


This smacks of what department stores would do. Bring in an item at “full price” for a period of time so that they can then advertise it on sale. The sale price being the price they meant to sell it at all along. So keep raising the price of insulin so that we can come out with a generic version at a high price, but get to say see how we lowered the price?


I worry that Medicare will require me to use “generic Humalog” in my pump instead of the FIASP I currently use. If so, my A1c will increase and my use of insulin will go from 5 vials/month to 8 vials/month.


At present Medicare is not allowed to make differential decisions of insulin’s. It is unlikely to be changed. At least not without a very big fight by pharma.


Medicare doesn’t cover Humalog so I had to go to Novalog. I pay $42 a month till I reach the donut hole and it starts to go up around September. That’s when it hits $109. After that it just keeps going up till the new year starts. I would welcome a lower price, if Medicare approves it and I can take it. If it is just a different label and the same liquid in the vial then let’s get started.


Do you have a link for that? I can’t find specific info from Medicare regarding Humalog coverage.