Lois Jovanovic on carbs and pregnancy

The biggest struggle I’ve had in my pregnancy so far is getting a straight answer about whether it’s safe to keep low-carb during pregnancy.

Of course, my diabetes team told me 50-100g carb wasn’t enough. We compromised on 100g, which both sides were happy with.

Then I stumbled upon this interview with Dr Lois Jovanovic, a diabetes in pregnancy specialist. About six minutes into the video she shares her advice on carbs. She tells her patients to ‘cut out the big five’, which are bread, rice, tortillas, pasta and cereal.

You can watch the
video here.

Interesting! I wonder what she would say about how many carbs you should have per day. You can avoid those big 5, but still get a lot of carbs from fruit or other sources.

I ate about 180g per day during pregnancy, but that was split up into 6 meals/snacks and mostly high fiber (slow acting) carbs.

My A1c was between 6 and 6.5, but we worked really hard to minimize the number of lows. I am going to ask my endo about doing lower carb in the next pregnancy, but my 1 hour post-prandial numbers were rarely over 140. So I’m not sure whether lower carb would really lower my A1c, but maybe.